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Resume for Keith Bearce

Keith A. Bearce Jr

 8 Robinson Road Westford, MA 01886 (978) 771-7177





Polartec LLC









Shawmut Corporation

                                          Professional Experience


Global Quality Control Manager                                                    Jun. 2009-Jul. 2015


Worked closely with military customers on quality concerns. Defined expectations and implemented internal changes that led to negligible product return rates for the last three years


Led a faltering Chinese JV manufacturing facility to a complete turnaround in productivity and quality


Chaired a fabric waste reduction steering committee and directed an internal audit group that significantly reduced manufacturing waste.


Part of a team that achieved ISO 17025 laboratory certification


Plant Manager: West Bridgewater Facility                                     Jul. 2006-Aug 2008


Successfully managed major textile lamination facility with 80 associates


Responsibilities included manufacturing, quality assurance, customer service and purchasing


Team successfully obtained TS-9000 certification, improved customer satisfaction and substantially reduced work-loss

Joan Fabrics Corporation 

(May 1985-July 2006)













Operations Manager: Dutton Yarn Company                                May 2004-Jul. 2006


Responsible for 100 associates in all disciplines necessary to run a novelty yarn manufacturing facility


Primary responsibilities included team building, maintaining a safe work environment, continuous quality improvement and meeting production goals while keeping within budget


Worked with raw material suppliers and manufacturing associates to reduce costs and develop new products


Greatly reduced raw material and finished goods inventory

Director of Finishing: Main Street Textiles                                    Oct. 2001-May 2004                                                                               


Responsible for the management of 80 associates in the finishing department of a major upholstery fabric manufacturing facility


Operations included greige inspection, needle-punching, coating, Santasoft finishing and final inspection


Worked closely with design on new product development


Finish Mill Manager: John Fabrics Corporation Plant 4             Apr. 1990-Oct. 2001


Managed the 200+ associates necessary to run a velour fabric finishing operation in a fast paced automotive environment


Operations included: slitting, greige inspection, shearing, coating, heat setting, final inspection as well as various face finishing lines


Was part of a team that attended a one-year ISO 9000 collaborative at Merrimac College. Team successfully achieved QS-9000 certification in July 1997


Quality Control Manager: John Fabrics Corporation Plant 4   Aug.  1988-Apr. 1990


Responsible for both internal and external quality functions


Worked closely with our customers as well as our associates on various quality issues


Worked as a facilitator in various quality improvement groups


Process Engineer: Joan Fabrics Corporation Plant 1                       Aug. 1986-Aug. 1988


Improved various process equipment and work methods


Worked on the installation of a jet kettle piece dying operation and dryer modifications necessary to process unique stretch fabric through an existing tenter frame

Statistician: Joan Fabrics Corporation Plant 1                             May 1985-Aug. 1986


Performed various quality, sales, production and labor statistical analysis


Worked as a liaison between the various manufacturing departments and IS








University of Massachusetts  - Lowell

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering  

Minor in Computer Science                                          




Business networking tip - Be where you are suppose to be

I have found that I always make great connections at events that I don’t want to go to. I get invited to a lot of events. I host a lot of events. As I write this book, I am currently hosting twenty business networking events a month. Sometimes, it can be very challenging to find time to attend events. Sometimes, I am just tired after a long day and don’t want to go out. You all know that feeling. Despite these challenges, I do try and support my friends when I can and you know what, it seems these are the times I meet someone and find out they have a need for my service or the service of one of my clients. So now, whenever I am tempted to back out of an event, I think about how many times keeping that commitment has lead to a really awesome connection.  Also, it makes you a good person to support your friend.

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group. To see a list of upcoming events please visit their website at  

Business Networking Tip - Control Your Devices

I was at an event recently that allowed everyone 1 minute to speak about their business. When it was my turn to speak I looked around the room and the majority of the people were looking down at their phones and a few of them had even brought their tablets and were using those as well. Now that is simply rude, both to the event organizer and the people speaking.  It was especially rude when they only stopped texting long enough to take their turn speaking! When you are at an event put your phone on silent or vibrate during it. I do understand that emergencies do happen but let’s be honest; the majority of texts and emails can wait until the end of the event. Pay attention to the speakers at networking events they may be your next big client. If they see you are not paying attention, they are not going to bother with you or your business. Please, control your devices. Don’t let them control you. 

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Kevin is also the CEO of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group. To see a list of upcoming networking events please visit their website at 

Resume for Ethan Aronie


6 Percheron Road Chelmsford Massachusetts 01824 

·  Home (978) 251-3321  ·  Cell (978) 501-4603  ·  ·  Skype ethan.aro



Professional Objective

Expand my career through a General Manager, Sales Manager, Logistics Management, or Key Account Development position that will provide a challenging, dynamic, and interesting opportunity to significantly contribute to a company’s profitability and bottom line growth.



Logistics and Sales Management Professional


A  progressive  30 - year  career  in  Supply  Chain  management  with  recognized  achievements  in  leadership,  logistics  creativity,  personnel  management  and  sales  growth  in  highly  competitive  markets.


Savvy  sales  manager  and  negotiator  combining  expertise  in  freight  forwarding,  3rd  party  logistics,  supply  chain  management,  high  volume  domestic  transportation  and  import/export  project movements. 


Skilled  in  establishing  genuine  rapport  with  prospects,  clients,  vendors  and  colleagues  of  diverse  cultures  and  personalities.  Presenting value added solutions to increase market share and overall company results.


Conversant in all aspects of trade regulations, compliance, and trade initiatives.


Successful  in  earning  clients  trust  and  business  by  consistently  providing  customer  focused  solutions.   


Confident  and  articulate  with  excellent  business  communication  and  networking  skills.    Highly organized. Deadline driven. Service oriented. Fiscally responsible.





UTi United States Inc. – January 2014 to August 2015

Description: A combination of Account Management business growth, and new logo customer development. Position is generalist in nature, is not specific to one vertical market. Focus is on new business development over a variety of vertical markets and different industries.  Ethan has brought a number of new account and business opportunities to the table in the initial 12 month period, with gross revenue potential in excess of $400 million, and closed on new logo revenue exceeding a net revenue figure of $250,000.



GLOBAL ACCOUNT MANAGER – Healthcare / Pharmaceutical


BAX Global / DB Schenker – August 2006 to June 2013

Description: Work with key Global customers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical vertical market, managing the global account teams, maintaining and growing current business revenues, improving processes and accounts receivables position and building business with other key life sciences customers where we have no current business profile.


                                                                   GLOBAL SALES EXECUTIVE


Expeditors International of Washington Inc. – November 2005 to May 2006

Description: Hired to build bench strength and grow net revenue in the Northern New England region, selling the full compliment of Expeditors services to Tier 1 manufacturers, Class A Global accounts in all vertical markets.


Consumer  Retail  Healthcare  Americas

EXEL Inc.  –  July 2004 to June 2005

Leadership:  Joined team to assist in bridging knowledge gap with the Global Freight Management team.

                        Product:  Operational solutions for the supply chain, including warehousing, inventory              management, order processing, warehouse management systems, systems integration, and       transportation.

Sales  Development:   Took  over  global  management  of  a  significant  global  consumer  customer,  in  October  2003,  and  guided  the  global  team  to  realize  growth  from  $15 million  to  over  $35  million  in  turnover.

Corporate  Requirements:  Tasked  with  managing  and  driving  new  business  from  new  customer  opportunities

Financial  Requirements:    Established  and  achieved  the  appropriate  ROI  on  new  business  activities. 


EXEL Global Logistics Inc.  –  July 2002 to June 2004

Leadership:    Took over the management and direction of an 11 person Route Development team based in the USA. Created an environment that fostered teamwork, collaboration, and network confidence to surpass corporate objectives and growth.

Sales Development: Hired and coached to success 3 new Route Development managers. Zero staff turnover during my 2 years in this role. In charge of a successful Trans Atlantic new business campaign that ran for 5 months and produced over  $4.5 million in new business gross margin.

Corporate Requirements:  Was consistently chosen to lead new development and integration projects. KPI’s and budget preparation. Analysis of financial, route, and market reports essential for making strategy decisions.   

Financial Requirements:  Identified and corrected group reporting metrics that streamlined and improved the overall productivity, and management of the Route Development group. 


                                        NATIONAL  SALES  &  MARKETING  MANAGER

BAX  Global  (Australia)  Pty.  Ltd,  Sydney,  Australia  –  April  1996  to  July  2002

Growth:  Year  over  year  growth  in  excess  of  20%  for  new  business,  and  overall  financial  results.  Expanded  the  company’s  customer  base,  focusing  on  specific  trade  lane  development,  consignee  sales,  and  new  strategic  partnerships  in  Europe,  Asia  and  the  United  States.   

New  Business:    Personally  took  the  lead  for  expanding  the  company’s  client  portfolio  with  4  of  the  company’s  top  20  accounts.  Sales  leadership,  mentoring  and  management  that  positively  influenced  the  overall  sales  results  of  the  organization,  to  achieve  corporate  objectives.

Training:  Responsible  for  the  sales  training  needs  for  15  sales  staff.  Administered and managed the successful delivery of annual sales conferences.

Marketing:  In  charge  of  the  project  team  to  improve  the  overall  branding  and  all  market  activities  of  the  company. 

International  Sales:    Took  the  lead  in  taking  the  company  to  the  #1  position  in  USA  trade  lane  sales,  by  spearheading  the  project  team  that  introduced  the  product  entitled  “The  Direct  Down  Under”  air  cargo  service.    This  was  an  innovative  3  way  block  space  agreement  between  BAX  Global,  Evergreen  Airlines,  and  Qantas  the  countries  flag  ship  airline.

Systems:  Took  the  project  leadership  role  in  developing  the  companies  first  ever  CRM  (Customer  Relationship  Management)  database,  and  inside  sales  team  and  system.  Infrastructure based on ACT for Notes system.



BAX  Global  USA,  San  Francisco,  CA  –  April  1994  to  March  1996 

Growth:  Facilitated  year  over  year  growth  for  shipment  count,  tonnage,  and  gross  margin  in  excess  of  20%   

New  Programs:    Initiated  USA  sales  campaigns  building  brand  awareness,  market  penetration,  and  position.        

Development:    Introduced  Route  specific  presentation  materials  to  enhance  overall  field  sales  performance  and  results.     

Project  Management:    Developed,  and  introduced  the  concept  of  block  space  agreements  with  various  airlines  for  the  Route.  This  eventually  turned  into  a  campaign  and  new  product  offering  that  catapulted  the  company  into  the  #1  market  position  for  air  cargo  to  and  from  the  USA.

Awards:    Received  award  of  Route  Development  Manager  of  the  year  for  BAX  Australia  in  1995.















Burlington  Air  Express,  Sydney,  Australia  -  September  1987  to  March  1994

Management:  Managed  a  small  team  of  6  sales  people,  consistently  surpassing  all  corporate  objectives.

Sales  Growth:    Personally  managed  and  grew  the  relationships  of  the  top  key  accounts  for  the  company  including  names  such  as  Honeywell,  Unisys,  and  Komatsu 

Productivity:    Achieved  a  12%  market  share  servicing  in  an  environment  where  the  competition  was  consistently  lowering  pricing  to  land  and  maintain  business.   

Market  presence:    Consistently  outperformed  market  growth,  by  growing  business  over  15%  year  over  year

International  Sales  Success:    Initiated  2  international  sales  campaigns  from  the  USA,  by  far  the  countries  largest  trading  partner.  Increased  the  customer  base  by  adding  over  45  new  customers,  and  improved  customer  retention  by  introducing  a  new  customer  service  concept.

National  Accounts:    Presented,  closed  and  maintained  5  of  the  industry’s  top  10  national  accounts  including  Nike.

Development:  Introduced  sales  territory  management  as  a  new  concept  to  the  group  thereby  improving  overall  sales  productivity  and  results.

Leadership:    Maintained  a  highly  motivated  sales  staff  during  my  tenure   

Sales  Management:    Trained  and  developed  6  sales  reps  that  went  on  to  management  positions  within  the  company  or  other  service  providers  within  the  industry.







Bachelor  of  Arts:      California  State  College  at  Bakersfield,  B.A.,  in  Sociology

Computer  Competencies:    ACT  Contact  Management  Software,  Microsoft  Word,  Excel,  PowerPoint.  .

Training:  PSS  Xerox  sales  training,  Herman  Millar  Consultative  and  Complex  Selling  programs 





Business Networking Tip - The Golden Rule of Networking

We all know that networking is about building trust and getting people to know, like, and trust us. But sometimes we forget. We get excited and go right into our sales pitch. You should buy my widgets. (I use the word widgets so that I don’t offend anyone. If you sell widgets don’t worry. I’m not talking about you.) Of course, when no one buys our widgets, we get mad and stop networking because it’s stupid and doesn’t work.

Let me suggest a different approach. Next time you attend a networking event, focus on helping the people you’re speaking with. Ask them a few questions about their businesses. Find out who would be good clients for them. Try to think of people you know who may be good referral sources for them and ask if they’d like to meet those people. Typically, people will be so excited that you offered to help them, without trying to sell them anything, that they’ll ask how they can help you. Notice that you didn’t have to ask for help. They volunteered.

You might be thinking, “But Kevin, what if they don’t offer to help you back?” That’s okay, just consider it a deposit in the karma bank. Never keep score or expect a referral from everyone you give a referral to. Life doesn’t work that way. Always do the right thing for the right reason and things will work out for you.

Kevin Willett is the Author of One Connection How you can grow your business  (and change the world) one connection at a time. The business networking book is available on Amazon at

Resume for Mohamed SiBachir

Mohamed SiBachir

23 Davis Rd, C12, Acton, MA 01720

Phone: 508-308-5350 / Email:


--------------------------------------     Summary    --------------------------------------

Optical Test Engineer with significant experience in opto-mechanical design, testing & measurements, data processing and analysis, statistical analysis, modeling and simulation with Matlab.

I am an excellent problem solver, and I have the knowledge and skills to perform my work superbly. I am a team player and an honest hard worker.

LinkedIn Profile:


----------------------------------     Work History     ----------------------------------

MicroE Systems , a division of GSI Group, Bedford, MA 

Department: Research & Development


April 2012 - August 2014                    Title: Sr. Optical Engineer

October 2000 - April 2012                  Title: Optical Engineer



- Encoders and Components Characterization                 - Test & Measurements

- Opto-Mechanical Design                                              - Data Processing & Analysis                                                    

- Modeling and Simulation with Matlab                            - Product Development

- Product Design Validation


Projects & Activities


Opto-Mechanical Design:


Six-Degree of freedom fixture


Reflectivity fixture capable of probing 1mm square surfaces


Microscopic spot of light scan for photodetector characterization


Vcsel characterization; beam profile, optical power, and polarization


Grating diffraction efficiency fixture



Data Processing, and Analysis


Developed a Matlab program to correct for speed variation


Signal processing and noise correction algorithm (for R&D)


Developed grating image processing for submicron measurement of the period, duty cycle and edge roughness



Modeling and Simulation with Matlab


Encoder models with different detectors designs


Encoder dynamic simulation


Grating diffraction at Talbot planes


Fresnel binary lens diffraction


Product Development: Contributed to new optical encoder design and improvement of existing products .


Customer, Supplier, and Production Support: Addressed manufacturing, customers and suppliers issues.


March 2000 - October 2000               Title: Grating Technician (Manufacturing)

Role: Grating manufacturing (Ion Beam Lithography)



Center For Development of Advanced Technologies (Algiers, Algeria)

Department:  Laser-Matter Interaction Lab

May 1992 - October 1999                  Title: Research Associate



- Research Experiment Setup                        

- Opto-Mechanical Fixtures & Setups Design                                     

- Modeling, Calculation and Analysis                                                                                  


Projects and Activities


Systems Design & Fabrication






X-Rays Bragg Spectrograph


X-Rays Pinhole Camera


Portable Microscope


Many other projects


Spectroscopy Data Collection & Processing


Nd-YAG laser Chain Operation:


Nd-YAG source cavity, 1.064um wavelength


Series of laser beam amplifiers (flash pumped) and optoelectronics devices


Target vacuum chamber with multiple windows for incident beam and diagnostics.


-----------------------------------------     Skills     ----------------------------------------

Fluent in Matlab, Excel and TurboCAD                                       Experience in Labview and SolidWorks

Familiar with Zemax                                                                   Signal processing

Core strengths in math                                                               Writing test procedures

“Excellent problem solver”, “perseverance, organization, and honest hard work”, “knowledge and skills essential to perform his work superbly” (quotes from performance reviews)


------------------------------------      Hands-On      ------------------------------------

Optical encoders                       Diffraction gratings                   Spectroscopy               Microscopy

Diode lasers (VCSEL)                Nd-YAG lasers                          Oscilloscopes               Ellipsometry

Photodiode detectors                Opto-electronics                        DAQ systems               Densitometry

Statistical analysis                     Data processing & analysis       Image processing                                                                                             

--------------------------------------     Education    ------------------------------------

Engineering Degree (BS eq), Optics & Precision Mechanics

Ferhat Abbas University, Setif, Algeria, February 1992


--------------------------     Certification & Training     --------------------------

Six-Sigma Green Belt Certified, American Society for Quality, June 2013

Matlab Advanced Programming Techniques at Mathworks



-----------------------------     Hobbies & Activities     ----------------------------

Photography,  hiking, travel, volleyball, soccer, astronomy & cosmology


Fluent in English, French, Arabic

Resume for Norman Ma

Norman K. Ma

Boston, Massachusetts



Software system research and development experience. Full system architecture experience in developing and innovating software products.


Deep capacities to implement, synthesize, and assimilate new technologies. Assure operational performance of internal and external software teams, strong first principle science and engineering knowledge, works effectively in team environment.



Software Research and Development


Fullstack software product management including design, coding, testing, installation, update, and maintenance of multi-million dollar artificial intelligence R&D project.


Installed embedded FPGA software developed in VxWorks and saved customers over 50% in installation time plus eliminated labor risks.


Written backend encryption algorithm in Cygwin IDE using Python in Nginx platform on Ubuntu creating new software product line.


Tailoring open source Audacity and VLC Media applications using Visual Studio and saved over 90% in software development cost.


Cloud service and Internet of Things (IoT) certification in progress in preparation for growing technology trend.


Extracted software design from product for re-implementation and rescued a multi-million project from failure.

Team Leadership


Assured software project success and reduce contractor transition costs of multiple multi-million projects.


Led software design activities to develop software artifacts and reduce longer-term maintenance costs.


Tutored agile software development methods to software engineers and decrease software lifecycle cost by over 60%. 


Develop instructions, procedures, and guides to assure stable-paced development process and reduce maintenance costs.

Software System Administration


Constructed open source C++ UNIX software development environment for software development team and enable immediate productive development process in 1 day.


Packaged turn-key marketing demonstration system and eliminated demo failures.


Administered MentorGraphics workstations and reduce system downtime by 90%

Software Supply Chain Analysis


Analyze software supply chain products and services for long-term cost and sustainability in DOD operational environment and provide long-term system cost model for contract negotiation.

Software Quality


Read multiple source code in C#, Java, and C++ to evaluate software quality and increase service variety to increase revenue.


SansPaper L.L.C., Software Development Consultant                     Chelmsford, MA                              Apr 2015 - Present

Established and coded custom byte-level file privacy protection product line using Python.

Enabled modules for SaaS (Software as a Service) through public and private cloud platform as services.

Written privacy protection products and service use cases. 


Implemented Python program to retrieve, filter, and consolidate web device log files from network locations. Search consolidate log files and identify notable events. Category event and retrieve solution from knowledge base.


The MITRE Corporation, Software Systems Engineer                      Bedford, MA                      Aug 2007 – Apr 2015Analyzed source code for the purpose software quality scoring to assure longer-term system portability, evolvability, descriptiveness, and maintainability, and reduce risks.


Enterprise Software systems:


Analyzed programming languages:

C#, Java, C++


Software Systems Engineering support to the Health and Human Services (HHS) for the purpose of guiding government management office to evolving a quickly constructed information system into a longer-term manageable information system based on project quality parameters.


Reconcile standard IEEE software trouble ticket attributes with existing multi-contractor trouble ticket attribute to support consistent presentation of trouble reports.


Research and present software project team performance metrics to support program management office.


Software Systems Engineering support to the Air Force as the Agile Software Systems subject matter expert (SME) for the purpose of evaluating contractor development proposed documents.


Evaluate submitted proposed technical work including software development plan in according to operation procedures and request for proposal (RFP) for the purpose of supporting acquisition decision making.


Software Systems Engineering support to the Air Force Global Command and Control System (GCCS-AF) to assure continual evolvability and availability of DOD GCCS system-of-systems capabilities in align to DOD guidance, including LOGFAC, JOPES, I3, JPES family of systems.


Advice and participate in enterprise security improvement of updated system.


Contact relevant enterprise security organizations to assure continual accreditation and certification.


Conduct yearly technical conformance audit to assure evolving of system architecture towards enterprise standard.


Software Systems Engineering support to the U. S. Air Force Weather System in evaluation of contractor’s artificial intelligence subsystem’s interoperability and technical performance with regard to the target operational system.


Identify contractor requirement and initiated contact to initiate product evaluation.


Conducted weekly requirement meeting to review requirements.


Software Systems Engineering support to the U. S. Army Area Surveillance program’s requirement of prototyping a video processing system to extract interesting events using an open source system software foundation.


Edit open source VidoLAN (VLC) application using Java to add capability to automate the reading and processing of large volume of video data including process KLV meta-data.


Software Systems Engineering support to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to identify approach for the Voice Authentication problem using low-cost fast development-cycle open source crowd sourced application foundation.


Edit open source Audacity audio process application to add audio analysis algorithm to support customer needs.


Conduct regular meeting with subject matter expert (SME) and customer to formulate a computational solution to customer needs.


Software System Engineering computer science subject matter expertise (SME) support of the U. S. DOD Global Positioning System (GPS) ground control system engineering document evaluation and analysis.


Texas A&M University, Graduate Teaching Assistant                     College Station, TX         May 2003 – Aug 2007                          

Software Process Improvement Laboratory (SPIL)


Measuring and model artifacts created in team Agile software development process. Java, bash, subversion, Rational Architect, and UML.


Organized workshops for SPIL (Software Process Improvement Laboratory) and ISE (Institute of Software Engineers).


Teaching assistant for graduate and undergraduate software engineering courses (Agile development), planning and leading laboratory software projects based on Agile software development processes.


IntelliSoft Corporation, Texas, Inc., Software Design Consultant                               Dallas, TX                                                                    


Designed and implemented long-term medical record image archival system for medical specialist practices.


Designed system architecture for exploratory physician-patient archival software to store patient interview history.


Established procedure for maintain medical image retrieval system.


Raytheon Company, Software Engineer                                                                                McKinney, TX                                                            


Led object-oriented software re-engineering team to refactor a legacy transaction processing system and to recode it from Pascal to C++ (E-Systems image processing).


Contributed to final acceptance testing of missile sub-system.


Integrated embedded control system with FPGA (field programmable gate array), working with electrical engineers using VxWorks, Visual Studio and C++ to create an interface to Raytheon proprietary operating system.


Led course teaching object-oriented UML practice to software engineers.


Developed transaction application using C++ according to Joint Image Format standard.


Developed application in distributed wide-area image processing transaction system using C++ and UNIX.


Conducted new technology research and created a graphical user interface using Tcl/Tk that works with Linux and Windows operating systems.


Developed user interface for a C language based secure telephone project.


Administered and maintained Solaris operating system, including driver and patch installation, and integration of third-party high-capacity storage system.


Lockheed Martin Corporation, Software Engineer                                           Glendale, California                                              


Designed, developed, and delivered Artificial Intelligence surface ship self-defense system in a 7-member engineering team.


Administered and maintained simulation and software development environments (i.e., HPUX, Solaris, Windows, and IRIX operating systems), including installation of patches and system backup.


Created product installation disk by integrating project files from the configuration management system.


Created and administered version control system, including CVS and RCS.


Translated LISP-based software system into C and C++ based system.


Created system architecture and design of an Artificial Intelligent system based on customer requirements.


Built and administered Gnu software development environment, including emacs, gcc, g++, and CVS.




Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (Ph.D.), Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Focus on Agile Software Engineering.

Dissertation: “Modeling Software Artifact Count attributes with S-Curves”


Master of Science in Computer Science, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

Thesis: “Performance of Genetic Algorithm in Randomly Generated Problem Space” Focusing on artificial intelligence.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois



Master of Business Administration, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas

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Resume for Laura Field

Laura D. Field

68 Community Drive, Penacook, NH  03303                                                                                 (603) 753-9267                                                         


Administrative Assistant

An enthusiastic and compassionate individual, seeking to work collaboratively within an environment, providing administrative support to strengthen the organizations operations in a confidential and efficient manner.



Organization, prioritizing, scheduling, time management, medical terminology, conflict resolutions, problem solving, accounting, data analysis, communication & interpersonal skills, office procedures, networking, LNA, Surgical Liaison

Computer Skills:

Word Processing, MS Office, Word, Excel, Windows, Mac, Quicken, Web-design, Word Press,

Electronic Health Records

Professional Experience


Freelance Writer, Student, Blogger, and Family Care Giver                            Dec 2012 – present


Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties, Penacook, NH                                                                          2000 - 2012


Operations Manager


Efficient scheduling with organized workflow resulting in timely turn-around.


Maintained and analyzed monthly/annual financial activity, report generation, tax preparation, A/P, A/R, Profit/Loss statements


Customer consultations


Designed and implemented written customer contracts


Marketing – built/maintained web-site, networking, social media, newsletters


Purchasing: Office, Capital Equipment & business supplies – negotiated effective price points


Concord Hospital, Concord, NH                                                                                                      2007 - 2011


(LNA) Licensed Nursing Assistant – Pre-/post-operative care, and scheduled on-call for Orthopaedics, ICU, Telemetry, Behavioral Health


Patient Admissions, appointment confirmations, accurate and professional patient data input.


Assisted in providing professional, confidential and compassionate care to patients and their families.


Vital signs, EKG’s, pre-surgical skin preps, patient positioning, ambulating, ROM


Surgical Liaison – Interactive care support. Successful in communicating with surgeons and OR RN’s in providing status updates to family members during surgical procedures


Merrimack Valley School District, Penacook, NH                                                                      1996 – 2006


Home Educator


Time management – scheduling, preparing, reviewing 3 levels of education for K-12


Planned & implemented multi-level curriculum based on independent needs


Developed a custom curriculum approved by the SAU


Taught conflict resolutions, communication and time management skills


Successful in guiding students towards their passion and career goals


Successful in preparing students for success in their college/university studies


Genesis Healthcare, Penacook, NH                                                                                                     1996 - 1997


Accountant, Revenue Review/Analysis for 16 elderly healthcare centers


Review/reconcile Fixed Asset accounts


Provide fixed asset depreciation schedules


Account Reconciliations of general ledger accounts for each healthcare facility


Prepared month-end journal entries and adjusting entries


Prepare quarterly/annual payroll tax reports


Papertech Corp., Contoocook, NH                                                                                           1990 – 1996


Cost, A/P and A/R accountant - 6 months promoted to Lead Financial and Cost accountant


1 year promoted to Office Manager with continuation of lead accounting functions


Designed and implemented a custom cost system to track and record pertinent cost data.


Coordinated the project with an outside programmer.


Goal achieved: integrated an effective cost/profit program for management/sales decisions.


Job Costing to assist Sales in preparing Customer Quotes


Profit/Loss statements, analytical comparison reporting


Annual budget analysis and reporting


Fixed asset & depreciation schedules – Monthly and Year-end reporting


A/R & A/P management, Petty Cash, Bank Reconciliations


Accounts Receivable – effective communication in achieving improved payment turn-around


Review of general ledger accounts for integrity, prepare month-end adjusting journal entries


Purchasing: Office and manufacturing department supplies - effective price point buying skills


Inventory Control – monthly/quarterly counts


Interview, trained, developed and supervised accounting practices


Volunteer Service

Sewing Educator                                                                                                                        1996 – 2006


Provided independent and group sewing instruction for multiple home schooled students.


Skills Used: Leadership, teaching, effective communication, organizational, motivational

Children’s and Youth Choir Director                                                                                               1990 – 1996


Skills Used: Organizational, intra-personal, leadership, motivational, active listening,

Seamstress, Concord Hospital (Family Place)                                                                                         2006


Made Kangaroo Wraps, to allow skin-to-skin contact for the preemie needs for physical nourishment.


Skills Used: Organizational, Effective communication, Time Management



Associates, Accounting -Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH                    

Medical – Manchester Community College, Manchester, NH                                                     

Courses to date (2014): Human Biology; Medical Terminology; Nutrition; CPT Coding;

Pharmacology; and Human Diseases

(CST) Certified Surgical Technician – Concord Hospital Surgical Technology                     

(LNA) Licenses Nursing Assistant – Red Cross, Concord, NH                                           


Recognition and Awards 

STAR AWARD – Concord Hospital                                                                                                             

Recognition in support to CSS (Central Sterile Supply) during a two-month period when new sterilizers needed to be reworked, creating additional work load in providing sterilized equipment for scheduled procedures and department needs.


Additional Credentials & Licenses

Licensed Nursing Assistant – NH      # 035539-24                                              2007 - 2016

Certified Surgical Technologist – NH  # 110894                                                 2008 - 2012

Reiki Level I – Concord Hospital                                                                                    2011



Resume for Maureen Whalen


12 Townsend Street

Pepperell, MA  01463





Team focused, results driven Direct Marketer with 20+ years of professional experience seeking a

challenging career opportunity.  Vast knowledge and expertise in the areas of:


» List Management & Brokerage

» Optimize rental potential to offset media expenses and drive incremental revenue

» Development of list strategy/testing, following through to execution and analysis

» Team Leadership

» Led Marketing teams through all phases of budget planning, implementation, forecasting and analysis

» Customer Acquisition and Retention

» Designed, implemented and refined Multi-Channel Marketing efforts to drive sales demand to various channels

» Database Marketing (Co-Op, Transactional, Behavioral)

» Data Append (Postal, Email, Firmographic)

» Segmentation, Modeling

» Direct Mail Circulation, Fulfillment Operations

» Merge Purge

» Lead Generation

» Budgeting and Forecasting






VANTAGE DELUXE WORLD TRAVEL                                                               2011-2013

Industry leader of Five-star travel programs at Four-star prices for mature travelers since 1983.  Vantage creates upscale escorted tours to a variety of destinations in North and South America, Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and the South Pacific.


Direct Marketing Circulation Manager - Land & Ocean Products

Responsible for the direct mail circulation budgeting, plan development, execution and forecasting for the Land & Ocean travel programs offered by Vantage. Increased passengers 14% and net profit contribution 25% from 2011 to 2012.

- Critical member of Land & Ocean travel’s cross functional team
- Manage customer file segmentation for Land & Ocean products
- Utilize historical performance to identify opportunities
- Recommend product offers & touch points to improve profitability
- Manage list select process & extract mail and email files
- Analyze Direct Mail, Email and Catalog performance


RELYCO SALES, Inc.                                                                                       2009-2010

Global provider of value-added printed materials, business equipment and check printing software.

Primary product focus on innovative laser and digital applications, including laser checks & high

security documents.



Senior Direct Marketing Manager


Successfully profiled customer audience for multi-channel campaign strategy development.  Managed

the selection and segmentation of all customer email campaigns.  Effectively launched awareness and

product sell email campaigns to customer base while increasing open rates and decreasing bounce and

unsubscribe rates.  Documented corporate Do Not Call, Do Not Email and Do Not Mail policies and

procedures within DMA compliance.  Created and documented data vendor privacy protocols and secure

data handling policy.

               603-321-7874     pg. 2




HELLO DIRECT, Inc – Nashua, NH                                                                       2004-2009

Leading developer and direct marketer of desktop telephony products since 1987.  A recognized

business-to-business leader in telecommunications solutions offering corded and cordless  headsets,

conferencing & mobile telephony solutions for home, office and mobile.



Direct Marketing Manager


Managed direct mail efforts converting prospect rental names into buyers.  Managed the list rental of the 2 year

customer/buyer files (postal and email names) with external List Manager, generating $400M+ in revenue annually

to offset expenses.  Cross functional team member within Sales & Marketing.  Successfully created, managed and

implemented customer retention/acquisition direct mail campaigns.  Managed segmentation, list selection and

merge purge for 10MM+ catalog recipients.  Managed, researched and tested offers and segments across customer

base.  Applied key learning’s to external prospect marketing databases/models to enhance acquisition efforts. 

Managed quarterly print and bulk catalog ordering, post press areas of catalog campaigns including mail output

instructions, code assignment/versioning, postage, facilitation of mail files, key coding and inkjet proof approval. 

Facilitated the match back process for response reporting on all direct mail campaigns with external service providers.

Managed annual direct mail budget of $5MM+ annually.  Analyzed response and sales reporting for direct mail

campaigns/promotions.    Managed multiple vendor/partner relationships with Abacus, MeritDirect and QUAD

Graphics.  Selected to represent Hello Direct at key industry events (DMA, NEDMA, NEMOA and QUAD Graphics

Client Postal Forum) to evangelize the Hello Direct “value proposition”.



DELUXE CORPORATION (formerly NEBS, Inc.) – Groton, MA                            1984-2004                  

Leading supplier of products and services to more than six million small businesses and home

offices across North America. Product offerings include checks, business forms, envelopes, labels,

greeting cards, merchandising aids, advertising specialties, promotional apparel, embossed foil

anniversary seals, stationery, packaging, shipping and warehouse supplies.



Project Leader – List Rental and Name Acquisition                


Managed direct mail efforts converting prospect rental names into buyers.  Managed the list rental of the 2 year

customer/buyer files (postal names) with external List Manager, generating $800M+ in revenue annually to

offset expenses and apply to the bottomline.  Core member of cross functional team.  Managed list brokerage

and service bureau relationships with MeritDirect, Direct Media, Abacus, Walter Karl and Acxiom.  Leveraged

pricing arrangements for enhanced purchasing power.  Managed the procurement and selection of 27MM+ in

list rental postal contacts for direct mail programs and 400M+ in email list rental.  Effectively managed the

merge purge process across all direct mail campaigns.  Managed, researched and implemented the testing

of various external prospect marketing databases.  Managed, created and implemented prospecting campaign

strategies.   Analyzed response and sales reporting.  Managed budget by teaming with corporate finance to

insure costs aligned within +/-1% of expectations.



Circulation/Mail Fulfillment Operations Specialist   


Successfully managed ordering and inventory management of 2MM+ pieces of direct mail and inquiry

fulfillment materials.  Effectively managed direct mail budget of $1MM+ and $1.5MM+ inquiry fulfillment

budget.  Successfully implemented all campaigns to meet corporate strategies and deadlines. 

Coordinated print orders with internal partners and external vendors to ensure timely scheduling. 

Established and maintained strong vendor/partner with printers, mail processors, Postal Representatives

and internal departments.



Direct Marketing and Lead Generation Program Coordinator                              


Created and managed the Automated and Small Business alternate media campaigns.   Leveraged bulk

insertion pricing agreement with vendors.  Analyzed response and sales reporting for assigned media

campaigns.  Effectively assisted the direct mail team in the implementation of campaigns within the

Computer Forms division.  Established and  maintained strong vendor/partner with printers, mail processors,

Postal representatives and internal departments.


               603-321-7874     pg. 3



Marketing Cost Coordinator/Mail Planning Assistant             


Coordinated and implemented in house list extractions.  Data entry of direct mail campaigns.  Prepared

and issued mailing instructions to print vendors and mail houses.  Reported and reconciled budget to

actual mail volumes, postage and material costs to corporate finance.  Compiled and monitored seed

mail activity for direct mail campaigns to ensure timely delivery.  Established and maintained strong

vendor/partner with printers, mail processors, Postal representatives and internal departments.





Software and Systems:  Oracle Sales Analyzer Reporting, Microsoft Office Suite,

Microstrategy, Navision, Vertical Response, iContact, Business Objects


Corporate Sponsored Training:  Management Effectiveness Program, Creative Thinking,

Managing Personal Growth, Project Management Lite


Conferences:  DMA Annual Fall Conference 2004-2008, DM Days NYC Conference 2005 & 2007,

ACCM Conference 2007, Abacus New Client Orientation-B2B, MeritDirect Mailer Co-op 1997-2008,

Quad/Graphics Postal Forum