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How Much do You Know About Your Skin Care Products?

Why Should you go Non-Toxic:

Did you know: 

  • that Europe bans 1,371 toxic chemicals from their personal care products and the US bans only 11?
  • the FDA does not regulate the personal care products industry and hopes that cosmetic companies will do their due diligence and issue safe products?
  • “safe”, “organic” and “natural” does not mean your products do not contain any toxic chemicals as well?
  • 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime, 1 in 68 children and 1 in 42 boys are identified with autism spectrum disorder in the US, and that Alzheimers is up 500% in the past 20 years?
  • according to the President’s Cancer Panel only 10% of cancer is genetic and 90% is caused by environmental factors?
  • that your personal and home care products (from shampoo to antibacterial wipes to makeup) contain carcinogenic ingredients, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and allergens that could be downright hazardous to your health?


Contact Ava Anderson Non-Toxic by Shirley Smith for more information. 

FAQ's on Bark Mulch Blowing for Residential or Commercial



Why should we hire Pro-Turf for bark blowing when we can install the mulch by hand on our own?  

Our Finn Bark Blower truck is the most time & cost efficient method to install bark mulch available today.  Our truck can install 125-150 yards per day.  We only apply the exact amount of material necessary, and the rest of it stays in our truck… so you will have no messy pile of excess material in your yard.  Clients often see a 15-20% reduction in the quanitity of mulch used when compared to hand installation. 

Our backyard is hard to reach, with an area that is too steep to do with a wheelbarrow, can you handle this? 

Our truck has long hoses, so we can reach virtually any area that needs mulching without leaving behind tire tracks in your lawn.   

Our property is very busy during the day, do you have night or weekend appointments available?  


If you prefer that we do your bark blowing after business hours, we will gladly accommodate an evening, weekend or overnight time frame.  You will arrive the next morning to find a clean, fresh appearance to your business with no disturbance to your daily operations.

What will the finish product look like?  

The materials we use are applied at a much more uniform rate than doing it by hand, which greatly reduces the amount of material used.  Bark mulch is applied with great accuracy, leaving your existing landscape undamaged & creating a smooth, finished, "blown in" look that is not possible to achieve when done by hand. 

Which types of properties does Pro-Turf service?  
Our services are available to anyone who needs mulch.  We service everything from small homes to large university campuses.

Is there a minimum amount of mulch required for service?  
We have a 10 yard minimum for our bark blowing service.

What other services does Pro-Turf offer? 

We are a full service landscape contractor offering hydroseeding, irrigation, property maintenance & commercial snow management.  Visit our website for more info.

Wei Qi Acupunture Newsletter

Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter

June 2015

Vicki Jessop Lic. Ac., MAc, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
Wei Qi Acupuncture
57 Palm Street, Suite 7
Nashua, NH 03060

Men's Leading Health Concerns

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have been used to treat men's health concerns for thousands of years and are growing in popularity. The reason for this growth in popularity is that many health issues that men face, such as high blood pressure, prostate problems and depression, respond extremely well to acupuncture treatments.

Primary health issues that affect men include:

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the leading men's health threat, with heart disease and stroke topping the list as the first and second leading causes of death worldwide. By integrating acupuncture and Oriental medicine into a heart-healthy lifestyle, you can dramatically reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Taking even small steps to improve your health can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease by as much as 80 percent. Steps to prevention include managing high blood pressure, quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress and getting better sleep. All of these issues can be helped with acupuncture and Oriental medicine

Acupuncture has been found to be particularly helpful in lowering blood pressure. By applying acupuncture needles at specific sites along the wrist, inside the forearm or in the leg, researchers have been able to stimulate the release of natural opioids in the body, which decreases the heart's activity and reduces its need for excess oxygen. This, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is the leading form of cancer that kills men. Tobacco smoke causes 90 percent of all lung cancer, so you should make every effort to quit smoking for improved health and longevity. If you are ready to quit smoking, acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help.

Shown to be an effective treatment for smoking and other addictions, acupuncture and Oriental medicine treatments for these issues focus on jitters, cravings, irritability and restlessness--symptoms that people commonly complain about when they try to quit. Treatments also aid in relaxation and detoxification.

In one study on substance addiction, a team from Yale University successfully used auricular (ear) acupuncture to treat cocaine addiction. Results showed that 55 percent of participants tested free of cocaine during the last week of treatment, compared to 24 percent and 9 percent in the two control groups. Those who completed acupuncture treatment also had longer periods of sustained abstinence compared to participants in the control groups.

Depression and Mental Health

Men are four times more likely to commit suicide than women, reports the Men's Health Network, which attributes part of the problem to underdiagnosed depression in men. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 6 million men have depression each year in America alone. It is now believed that the male tendency to hide feelings of depression and to not seek professional help has skewed previously reported numbers. Depression in men does not present solely as extreme sadness. Depression in men may present as anger, aggression, burnout, risk-taking behavior, mid-life crisis or alcohol and substance abuse.

When people are suffering from depression, brain chemicals and stress hormones are out of balance. Sleep, appetite and energy levels are all disturbed. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can alleviate symptoms associated with depression and mental health issues by helping to rebalance the body's internal systems.

The growing body of research supporting the positive effects of acupuncture on depression, anxiety and insomnia is so strong that the military now uses acupuncture to treat troops with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and combat stress syndrome.

Prostate Health

The prostate is prone to enlargement and inflammation as men age, affecting about half of men in their sixties and up to 90 percent of men in their seventies and eighties. If left untreated, benign prostate gland enlargement, which presents with symptoms such as frequent nighttime urination, painful urination and difficult urination, can lead to more serious conditions such as prostate cancer, urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney damage, bladder stones and incontinence.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be used to treat prostate problems to relieve the urinary symptoms and prevent more serious conditions from occurring. The few studies completed on acupuncture and prostatitis show positive results, with participants noticing a marked improvement in their quality of life, a decrease in urinary difficulties, and an increase in urinary function.

Reproductive Health

While reproductive health concerns may not be life threatening, they can still signal significant health problems. Two-thirds of men older than 70 and up to 39 percent of men around the age of 40--report having problems with their reproductive health. Oriental medicine can help treat various male disorders.

As men age, a decrease in the function of male reproductive organs occurs and they experience andropause, or male menopause. Andropause differs from menopause in that it is not characterized by a dramatic or marked physiological change. Unlike the more dramatic reproductive hormone plunge that occurs in women during menopause, changes in men occur gradually over a period of many years.

Call now to see how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can improve men's health and well-being!



In This Issue


Men's Leading Health Concerns


Foods Men Should Eat Every Day

Foods Men Should Eat Every Day

Adding nutrient-rich super foods can help maintain muscle mass, prevent prostate cancer, and more. Here are just a few foods that can give men a healthy boost:

Avocados - Avocados are a good source of vitamin K, dietary fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C, folate and copper. Rich in potassium, avocados contain more of this nutrient than bananas. Potassium is needed to regulate nerves, heartbeat and, especially, blood pressure. An added bonus for men: Avocados inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

Blackberries - Blackberries are packed with vitamin C, calcium and magnesium, with more than double the amounts than their popular cousin, the blueberry. Vitamin C is a powerful stress reducer that can lower blood pressure and return cortisol levels to normal faster when taken during periods of stress. Magnesium and calcium act together to help regulate the nerves and muscle tone.

Too little magnesium in your diet can cause nerve cells to become overactivated and can trigger muscular tension, soreness, spasms, cramps and fatigue. Blackberries also score high on the oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) scale, which assesses the antioxidant content of food. The higher the score, the better the food's ability to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals that lead to cancer.

Spinach - Spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in existence. Spinach can help protect against prostate cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure and strengthen muscles.

Walnuts - When it comes to their health benefits, walnuts are the king of nuts. Richer in heart-healthy omega-3s than salmon, loaded with more antioxidants than red wine, and packing half as much muscle-building protein as chicken, walnuts are one of the all-time superfoods.

Yogurt - Eating yogurt that contains live bacterial cultures every day improves digestive health, boosts the immune system, provides protection against cancer and may help you live longer. Not all yogurts are probiotic though, so make sure the label says "live and active cultures."

Resume for Anna Fadden


5 Pearl Street, Apt. D

Ayer, Massachusetts  01432-1396





Solar & Energy Conservation Industries


Passionate Clean Energy Professional with a proven track record of enhancing team productivity and increasing lead generation. An independently motivated office management professional who knows how to efficiently organize office processes and to complete tasks promptly. Uniquely skilled in building and sustaining committed partnerships.   Core competencies include:

  • Managing Multiple Priorities
    • Strategic Partnership Development
    • Event Management
  • Extensive Lead Generation Experience
    • Calendar Coordination
  • Office Supply & Inventory Management
    • MS Word, Excel, Power Point
·         Staff Training & Supervision


Professional Experience


NEXT STEP LIVING, Boston, MA                                                                                    2012 – 2015

Community Outreach Coordinator

Planned and implemented, as part of a four member regional team, targeted outreach campaigns in 45 cities in the Boston Metro Northwest area.

  • Successfully managed and nurtured 12 community partnerships with local non-profits, businesses, and municipalities.
  • Generated over 7,400 prospects per year for solar and residential energy efficiency programs by developing and setting up an average of 140 events per month for regional team.
  • Proposed and implemented kiosk at Whitney Field shopping mall including investigating location, getting contract modified and signed, and interfacing with marketing for kiosk design and specifications.


SUSTAINABLE LIFE SOLUTIONS, Ayer, MA                                                                2010 – 2011

Independent Consultant

Own business – marketed, sold, and provided educational services to Massachusetts residents about environmentally sustainable products that reduced energy use, toxins, and waste products.

  • Achieved a savings of approximately $7,000 on customers’ annual electric bills, during

            one partnership project, by partnering with Cape Cod Utility to sell energy conserving           advanced power strips (180 sold in one day at the Yarmouth Seaside Festival).


STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY, Westford, MA                                                         2006 – 2012

Shift Supervisor, Customer Service

Led and developed a team of 3-4 baristas.  Responsible for cash management, deployment, productivity, and customer satisfaction metrics.

  • Consistently met $18,000 average weekly sales demand by accurately tracking and ordering food, beverage, and paper products assuring optimal, cost-effective inventory.
  • Diverted approximately 7,000 pounds of recyclables annually from the solid-waste stream by researching, designing, and implementing a comprehensive store recycling program.

Previous Positions



Fundraising Chairperson, Member Board of Directors

  • Raised over $1,100 for programs and activities by planning curriculum sale & fashion runway show.
  • Developed and implemented fundraising activities such as the Lunch Store, Simon Mall Evening of Giving, building rental arrangements for conferences, and raffle donations that enhanced revenue streams.




  • Successfully planned, developed, and obtained approval for a comprehensive curriculum (academic, social and recreational) that effectively prepared my three daughters for college.
  • One daughter graduated from UMass Amherst and will be graduating from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in May 2015 with a DVM degree.



Senior Software Engineer

  • Project manager and liaison for contract signed with IBM that oversaw transferring system software from a Motorola to an IBM hardware platform.



Education & Professional Development


Bachelor of Technology – Systems Software, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY



  • LEED Green Associate® (April 2015)
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Office Specialist (Certificate)

MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel



Community Outreach


  • Mill City Toastmasters
  • Office Volunteer, Nashua River Watershed Association
  • Recycling Team, Lowell Folk Festival
  • Green Sanctuary Task Force, First Church Unitarian
  • US Green Building Council, MA chapter member

Play it Forward 2015


Summer Experience at Nashoba Valley Technical High School


Wei Qi Acupuncture May Newsletter

Vicki Jessop Lic. Ac., MAc, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
Wei Qi Acupuncture
57 Palm Street, Suite 7
Nashua, NH 03060

Alleviate Arthritis Pain with Acupuncture

Arthritis isn't just one disease, but a complex disorder comprised of more than 100 distinct conditions that can affect people at any stage of life. Two of the most common forms are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. While these two types of arthritis have very different causes, risk factors and effects on the body, they often share a common symptom: persistent joint pain.

For many people, arthritis pain and inflammation cannot be avoided as the body ages. In fact, most people over the age of 50 show some signs of arthritis as joints naturally degenerate over time. Fortunately, arthritis can frequently be managed with acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis, affecting an estimated 21 million adults in the United States. Beginning with the breakdown of joint cartilage that results in pain and stiffness, osteoarthritis usually affects the joints of the fingers, knees, hips and spine. The wrists, elbows, shoulders and ankles are less frequently affected and when osteoarthritis is found in these joints, there is typically a history of injury or unusual stress to the joints. This may include and be attributed to work-related repetitive injury and physical trauma. For example, if you have a strenuous job that requires repetitive bending, kneeling or squatting, you may be at high risk for osteoarthritis of the knee.

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect many different joints and, in some people, other parts of the body as well, including the blood vessels, lungs and heart. With this kind of arthritis, inflammation of the joint lining (called the synovium) can cause pain, stiffness, swelling, warmth and redness. The impacted joint may also lose its shape, resulting in loss of normal movement. Rheumatoid arthritis can last a long time and is a disease characterized by flares (active symptoms) and remissions (few to no symptoms).

Diagnosis and Treatment of Arthritis with Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

According to Oriental medical theory, arthritis arises when the cyclical flow of Qi (energy) in the meridians becomes blocked resulting in pain, soreness, numbness and stiffness. This blockage is called "bi syndrome" and is widely studied and successfully treated using a combination of treatment modalities. The acupuncture points and herbs that are used depend on whether the underlying cause of the blockage of Qi(arthritis) is caused by wind, cold, damp or damp-heat.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine aim to treat the specific symptoms that are unique to each individual using a variety of techniques such as acupuncture, bodywork, lifestyle/dietary recommendations and energetic exercises to restore imbalances found in the body. Therefore, if 10 patients are treated with Oriental medicine for joint pain, each of these 10 patients will receive a unique, customized treatment with different acupuncture points, different herbs/supplements, and different lifestyle and diet recommendations.

Your acupuncturist will examine you, take a look at the onset of your condition and learn your signs and symptoms to determine your diagnosis and choose the appropriate acupuncture points and treatment plan.

Call today to learn how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be incorporated into your treatment plan for arthritis!


Studies of Acupuncture for Arthritis

Several studies have shown that acupuncture can help people with arthritis and related autoimmune diseases.

Scientists found that acupuncture can reduce pain and improve mobility in arthritis patients by 40 percent based on results from a major clinical trial that investigated the ancient Chinese needle treatment. A total of 570 patients aged 50 and older with osteoarthritis of the knee took part in the American study. All had suffered significant pain in their knee the month before joining the trial, but had never experienced acupuncture. By the eighth week, patients receiving acupuncture treatments showed a significant increase in function compared with both the "placebo" treatment and self-help groups. By week 14, they were also experiencing a major decrease in pain.

In a German study, 3,500 people with osteoarthritis of the hip and/or knee received 15 sessions of acupuncture combined with their usual medical care. The results showed that the patients that received acupuncture had less pain and stiffness, improved joint function and better quality of life than their counterparts who had routine care alone. The improvements occurred immediately after completing a three-month course of acupuncture and lasted for at least another three months, indicating osteoarthritis is among conditions effectively treated with acupuncture.

Another study, published in the journal Pain, looked at the effects of acupuncture among 40 adults with osteoarthritis of the knee. Among the patients in the study, those who had a daily acupuncture session for 10 consecutive days reported greater relief of pain compared to patients who received a "placebo" version of the therapy.

In one Scandinavian study, 25 percent of arthritis patients who had been scheduled for knee surgery cancelled their operations after acupuncture treatment. In the study, researchers compared acupuncture with advice and exercise for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip. Thirty-two patients awaiting a total hip replacement were separated into two groups. One group received one 10-minute and five 25-minute sessions of acupuncture, and the other group received advice and hip exercises over a 6-week period. Patients were then assessed for pain and functional ability. Patients in the acupuncture group showed vast improvements, while no significant changes were reported in the group that received advice and exercise therapy. The results of this study indicate that acupuncture is more effective than advice and exercise for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip.

A University of Maryland School of Medicine study showed that elderly patients who had knee pain due to arthritis improved considerably when acupuncture was added to their treatment. The randomized clinical trial determined whether acupuncture was a clinically safe and effective adjunctive therapy for older patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. The study addressed the addition of acupuncture to conventional therapy to determine if it would provide an added measure of pain relief, if the effects would last beyond treatment and if treatment would have any side effects. Seventy-three patients were randomly divided into two groups. One group received twice-weekly acupuncture treatments and conventional therapy for eight weeks, and the other group received conventional therapy only. Patients who received acupuncture had notable pain relief and showed improvement in function. Those who did not receive acupuncture showed no substantial change. No patients reported negative side effects from any acupuncture therapy session.

Call today to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine for arthritis!



In This Issue


Alleviate Arthritis Pain with Acupuncture


Studies of Acupuncture for Arthritis


Reduce the Impact


Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Reduce the Impact

The Arthritis Foundation recommends the following to reduce the impact of arthritis:

Get Active - Regular physical activity helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise that strengthens muscles, improves balance and flexibility, promotes relaxation, and has been shown to relieve chronic joint pain.

Control Weight - Maintaining an appropriate weight or reducing weight to a recommended level reduces the risk of osteoarthritis. Losing just 10 pounds relieves 40 pounds of pressure on knees. For those living with symptoms, losing 15 pounds can cut knee pain in half.

Modify Job Tasks - Try to modify your movements, since repeated use of joints in jobs that require bending and lifting is associated with an increased risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Speak with a health care professional about ways to reduce strain on your joints.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

A balanced, varied diet can help ease the pain of arthritis by providing vitamins and minerals that keep your joints healthy. Avoiding "damp" foods, such as dairy products and greasy or spicy fare, also helps joints.

Here are some healthy and delicious choices to include in your diet:

Ginger - Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory. A fresh ginger tea can be made by combining a half teaspoon of grated ginger with 8 ounces of boiling water. Cover and steep for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain and add honey to taste.

Fresh Pineapple - Bromelain, an enzyme in pineapple, reduces inflammation. Be sure the pineapple is fresh, not canned or frozen.

Cherries - Recent research has shown that tart cherries are an excellent source of nutrients that may help to reduce joint pain and inflammation related to arthritis.

Fish - Cold-water fish, such as salmon and mackerel, contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep joints healthy as well as reduce pain and swelling.

Turmeric - A natural anti-inflammatory, it can be used in many food preparations including soups, sauces and salad dressings.

Northeast Assoc of Realtors Food Drive


Resume for Marla Dawson

Marla Dawson

978.870.6865   •   •   Shirley, MA 01464




Experienced Customer Service Representative – Benefits Specialist with a passion for helping customers understand and enroll and in their company benefits. Seeking new opportunities where I can use my newly gained knowledge in annual enrollment benefits to transfer to the Human Resources Benefits Specialist role.


Goal and Deadline Oriented • Organized • Strong Work Ethic • Team player • Technical and Creative Thinker




Work | Volunteer | Internship


Customer Service Representative – Annual Enrollment Benefits Specialist

APAC Customer Services, Inc. (Savvy Staffing Solutions),Worcester, MA October 2014 to February

  • Help customers understand, select, and enroll in their annual enrollment benefits over the phone.
  • Answer any questions they may have about their options.
  • Helping customers submit their choices and inform them of what happens post-enrollment.


Top Agent | Excellent Customer Service | Detail Oriented | Technically inclined to pick up new programs


Holiday Recovery Associate

Kohl’s Department Store, Leominster, MA December 2013

  • Kept the store tidy of Kohl’s merchandise for a clean and organized appearance and better customer experience.


Food Distributor - Volunteer

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, Devens, MA April 2014 to present

  • Loaves and Fishes is part of the Boston Food Bank
  • Helped clients meet their nutritional needs.


Co-Leader of North Central Mass Networkers

Leominster, MA. / Shirley, MA February 2014 to September 2014, present

  • Facilitated multiple meetings: communicated announcements, indoctrinated new members, presented speakers,etc.
  • Helped the leader with securing the new facilities for the meeting
  • Web Administrator
  • Presenter: LinkedIn Presentation called How to Navigate LinkedIn: A Live Demo
  • Helped individuals or small groups navigate LinkedIn



Shirley Historical Society, Shirley, MA 2013-2014

  • Organized the Military file storage.
  • Organized existing Inventory document by converting the table in MS Word to an MS Excel file, thereby making it easier for the curator and volunteers to use. Also, I updated the document to be sure the entire inventory is accounted for.



Information Technology Intern

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems HQ, Tewksbury, MA 2009

  • Obtained the internship through the BATEC Student Leader program.
  • Imaged and prepared desktop computers and delivered to employees.
  • Performed setup and verified network connection. 
  • Diagnosed desktop issues at the end users desks.
  • Reviewed backup protocols with end users. 
  • Completed computer preparation faster than required.
  • Worked with the team to complete department goals and deadlines


Information Technology Intern

Nashoba Valley Technical High School, Westford, MA 2008 to 2009

  • Installed new equipment including video splitters and DVD drives throughout the institution.
  • Replaced defective equipment for end users.



B.S., Business Administration, Concentration in Management, 2013
Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA GPA: 3.0, Dean's List


A.S., Information Technology, 2009

Middlesex Community College, Lowell, MA GPA: 3.5, Dean’s List

  • Boston Area Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) Student Leader, 2008 to 2009
  • Middlesex Community College Student Leader, Fall 2008

Office Technology and Telecommunications Program, 2006

Nashoba Valley Technical High School, Westford, MA GPA: 3.5

  • Highest Honors for Academic Achievement
  • Certificate of Merit Achievement
  • Technical Program Advisory Committee Member, 2004 to 2009





Creative Owner

jsy creations,, Shirley, MA

  • Jewelry, sewing, and yarn creations for everyday!
  • Creates and sells jewelry, sewing, and yarn creations.
  • Maintains weekly blog for sharing new creations.


Resume for Roberta Cosgrove



2 Susan Avenue                                                                                               

Burlington, MA 01803                                             






  • M.A. Statistician/SAS Programmer with extensive experience in clinical trials and R&D.
  • Protocol review, writing statistical methods section, clinical report review.
  • Sample size/power calculations, randomization plans, statistical analysis plans.
  • SAS programming (base, stat, macro, graph) for tables, listings, figures, and ad hoc analysis.
  • Statistical analysis (SAS) includingt-tests, ANOVA, ANCOVA, regression, Fisher’s Exact Test, logistic regression, and survival analysis.
  • Certified in Base SAS 9 Programming.
  • Excellent analytical, writing, communication, and presentation skills.




Statistician/Consultant                                                                                                                       2015 - present

  • Statistical analysis (SAS) of data from freshmen chemistry classes at Salem State University to determine whether Team Based Learning (TBL) reduced student attrition and absenteeism rates.  
  • Results were presented by Dr. Lorrie Comeford at the Team Based Learning Collaborative Annual Meeting in March 2015.


Family Leave/SAS Training/Volunteering                                                                                        2010-2014


Sr. Biostatistician                                                                                                                           2001-2010

Boston Scientific Corp., Marlborough, MA                             

  • Conducted SAS programming for statistical analysis of data from medical device clinical trials. 
  • Prepared statistical tables, listings, and figures. 
  • Performed sample size and power calculations. 
  • Wrote statistical methods section of study protocols. 
  • Prepared statistical analysis plans.
  • Developed randomization plans. 
  • Collaborated with data management team in development of Case Report Forms and edit checks.
  • Performed statistical analysis for stability data on drug-coated stents. 
  • Conducted validation checks on other programmers’ output.


Biostatistician                                                                                                                                1997-2001

Harvard Clinical Research Institute, Boston, MA

  • Developed SAS programs to analyze economic, clinical, outcomes, and quality of life data from multi-center clinical trials on cardiovascular devices. 
  • Calculated cost components for clinical procedures and for hospitalizations.
  • Computed measures for resources, clinical events, outcomes, quality of life (e.g., SF-36), and cost/effectiveness ratios.
  • Performed statistical analysis on quality of life data.
  • Conducted data checking and review.
  • Ran bootstrap simulations and sensitivity analysis to evaluate effects of parameters.




2 Susan Avenue                                                                                               

Burlington, MA 01803                                             


Page 2



Statistical Programmer/Contractor                                                                                      1997-1997

ASG, Inc./ Sepracor, Inc. (client), Cary, N.C./Marlborough, MA           

  • Developed SAS validation programs for statistical analysis of data from a multi-site Phase III clinical trial of an asthma drug.
  • Calculated various measures such as peak response, time to response, and response duration. 
  • Performed statistical analysis on measures.


Member of Technical Staff                                                                                                     1995-1996

GTE Laboratories,Waltham, MA

  • Developed SAS programs for econometric modeling applications. 
  • Wrote SAS programs to evaluate pairwise and three-way comparisons for 27 test alternatives and to calculate the maximum response.
  • Developed SAS programs for data file transformations and for model simulations.
  • Served as SAS consultant.


Sr. Statistician                                                                                                                        1984-1993

Gillette Co., Boston, MA

  • Performed statistical analysis of data from R&D product use tests, engineering tests, and clinical trials, for blades and razors, office products, and toothbrushes.
  • Developed test and experimental designs, performed statistical analysis (SAS), and wrote reports. 
  • Performed sample size and power calculations to provide information on statistical risks. 
  • Evaluated analytical methods in use and recommended changes.
  • Served as statistical consultant.




Certified in Base SAS 9 Programming.





Charles Webster Potter Place, Waltham, MA                                                                              2012-present

  • Develop and format Excel spreadsheets for attendance data.
  • Enter data into Excel and Appilistic software databases.
  • Perform quality control checks and edit data.





M.A. in Statistics, Harvard University.

B.A. in Mathematics, Magna Cum Laude, Boston University.





Boston Area SAS Users Group.