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Resume for Zachary Lange

Zachary C. Lange

24 Lafayette St. Lowell, Ma 01854




New Penn Motor Express       Yard Driver and Dockworker             February 2014 – Present

  • Working safe and efficiently in a fast pace and constantly changing environment
  • Locating moving freight with a forklift, manually or with other moving tools
  • Putting trailers on and off doors using a yard tractor
  • Hooking and unhooking trailers as well as setting up tractors-trailers for Road Drivers

United Parcel Service                 Package Handler                              May 2011 – February 2014

  • Securing a positive relationship between customers and the company by handling packages correctly and efficiently
  • Ability to solve problems independently when needed
  • Loading up to 500 packages an hour with weight between 2 - 75 pounds

Domino's Pizza                       Delivery Driver                       August 2010 - November 2010

  • Capacity to interact with other drivers and be a part of a positive team
  • Effectively using upselling while speaking with customers



Teamsters Local 25 Driving School   Class A License         May 2013 – October 2013

Middlesex Community College          Liberal Arts/Business  September 2009 - December 2010

Lowell High School                            General Studies           September 2005 – May 2009



Matthew Nelson         Costa Fruit & Produce Delivery Driver                      781-948-8787

John Chamberland      United Parcel Service Supervisor                               978-726-3841

Todd Flynn                 United Parcel Service Supervisor                               978-914-3621

Do you suffer from Temporal Mandibular Joint pain ( TMJ) Back to Health Muscular Therapy would like to hear from you

Do you suffer from Temporal Mandibular Joint pain?  This can be caused from a misaligned TMJ joint placement, improper dental bite, or even a compressed nerve in the cranial bones and neck muscles.  If you have headaches, stiff neck, vertigo, jaw problems or even shoulder pain,  Back to Health Muscular Therapy would like to hear from you.  I will treat these conditions and educate you to manage your own discomfort.  Mention this add along with friend's of Kevin and receive $10.00 off first appointment.

Part-time Medical Receptionist

We are looking for a front office receptionist for our well established family chiropractic practice.  Our practice is founded on excellent patient relationships fostered by a friendly and supportive staff and superior patient care.  Over the past few years, our practice has earned awards such as “Best in Wilmington” and “Best in the Region” by regional newspaper polls.  To be eligible to join our practice team, applicants must be detail oriented, have a positive attitude, enjoy working with people, and have good telephone skills.  Primary responsibilities would include greeting patients, answering telephones, scheduling appointments, verifying health insurance benefits, collecting co-pays and maintaining patient charts.  Computer experience and MS Word experience essential.  Hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3pm to 7pm.  Salary is commensurate with experience.


Please email resume to:

Weight Loss options for 2014 from Just Imagine Hypnosis Centers

Hi Kevin 


Do You Need to Lose Weight ?



20 Lbs - 50 Lbs - 100 Lbs - More ??


Do you know what your options are for getting Healthy & Back on Track?


Maybe you decided you don't want to attend meetings... you probably know too many people that have been going there forever!


Maybe you decided you don't want to buy special foods... after all you do enjoy eating and forcing yourself to do Jenny or another food plan is expensive and not all that great.


Maybe you considered a medical weight loss program where a doctor gives you drugs and then monitors your reactions to them. 


But you want a Cleaner & Happier & Healthier body...Without drugs putting a huge burden on your organs!


How about joining the gym?  You know what they say... Calories In - Calories out


Yeah ... it's a lot of work and who really has that much time?


Maybe if you had more Will Power - oh - you tried that?


Spring is really here -


 it's time for shorts and parties and the beach.


Those are the events you want to look your best at?


Oh Yes... you want to be happier and healthier so you can

Set an example for your kids.

Play with your kids... Be active with them


And be here to see them grow up...


Here's the good news


An exciting free workshop is happening next Tuesday April 9th at 7pm that may offer you some of the answers you are seeking.


Sponsored by Club Inhale/Exhale (it's not really a gym and it's not a medical weight loss place...)


Club Inhale / Exhale is actually something quite unique


You'll discover how during the past 3 years almost 200 people have shed significant pounds without diets or special foods.  


You'll even hear clients tell you what it was like for them.


How they had their doubts... (just like you have) and how they reluctantly took that next step to find out more...


How they talked to others...


How they felt as they experienced it really working...


They'll share how their quality of life changed...


How relationships were rekindled


How they began to live life again.


How will the quality of your life change?


When you know you're shedding 1 to 3 pounds every week. 


When you're not starving yourself or feeling guilty or being hungry all the time. 


Come and hear clients sharing their success stories with you!


Do you think Oprah, Tiger Woods or the US Olympic Team would tolerate swinging watches or  quacking like a chicken... of course not


But they all use hypnosis because their performance... their lives depend on them being at the top of their game.   (Doesn't your life depend on being healthy?)


The American Medical Association (AMA) approved the use of hypnosis in 1958. 


Today people have surgeries without drugs - less complications & faster healing


People are eliminating fears, phobias and anxieties ... stuff that hold other people back


and you can learn how it works...


In fact, Club Inhale / Exhale is offering a free week for just attending.  There will be some free raffles and everyone will be entered into a drawing for a nutritional profile.


Is there someone you really care about that could be healthier... Bring them along - 


There's no obligation and you'll have a good time.


You can even join the group hypnosis session that's guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and energized.


You'll even learn some self Hypnosis


Sign up   Here






Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning April 2014 Newsletter

APRIL 2014





Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C 


Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C




April is here and this means that Spring is upon us! It is that time of year again to start doing some spring cleaning!


Take a look at our duct work, A/C preventative maintenance and thermostat topics below for more information. Call, email, Skype or FaceTime us to schedule your repairs or obtain that quote you have been meaning to get. 



Do you have one of our heaters?


Over the course of the winter we placed heaters in many customer homes. If you have one, please contact us to arrange for pick up. Thanks!


Featured In the Newsletter:




ductworkDuct Work - Efficiency & Cleaner Air


Ducts are used with Forced Hot Air (FHA) and cooling systems to distribute air. A vent located on the floor, wall or ceiling is the duct systems outlet to dispense that air into your home. Loss of air within the ducts can be due to leaks, holes, gaps and poor connections. Smells, irritants and stale air are possible signs of polluted duct systems. Comfort, a clean environment and energy savings are products of a regularly cleaned and maintain duct system. Just changing the filter does not yield these results.


Let Paradigm help you inspect your duct system for proper installation, strong connections and sealing leaks, as well as, clearing out those pollutants that adhere to the duct system walls over time.


  • Inspect the whole duct system, including the attic, crawlspace, garage and basement as needed. 
  • Evaluate the system's supply and return air balance. Many systems have air return ducts that are too small. 
  • Repair damaged and disconnected ducts and straighten out flexible ducts that are tangled or crushed. 
  • Seal all leaks and connections with mastic, metal tape, or an aerosol-based sealant. 
  • Seal all registers and grills tightly to the ducts. 
  • Insulate ducts in unconditioned areas with duct insulation that carries an R-value of 6 or higher. 
  • Include a new filter as part of any duct system improvement. 
  • Evaluate air flow after repairs are completed. 
  • Ensure there is no backdrafting of gas or oil-burning appliances, and conduct a combustion safety test after ducts are sealed. 


Our goal is your goal,

  Efficiency and Cleaner Air. 







Programmable Thermostats


Consider your weekly and weekend household schedule and seasonal changes when programming your thermostat. ENERGY STAR reports energy bill savings of up to $180.00 per year using the four pre-programmed setting.

Want a rebate offer for a thermostat? Check it out here! 


When disposing of thermostats, please recycle them safely through your local household hazardous waste program. Visit 

to learn more.




Root Control 


rootcontrolInvasive roots often inch their way into pipes first slowing the drainage to your septic system. Soon the drains passage is block and the water flow is now choked resulting in a complete blockage. When it cannot go down the drain it will ultimately come back up. This can happen much quicker than you realize.


Give us a call to assess potential problems or even better to discuss a safe pretreatment plan using RootX. Used by professional plumbers and municipalities, RootX kills roots without harming your pipes.







Easter is approaching in a few weeks. It is a great occasion to greet each other and pray for the prosperity of other  s.

There will be greenery and buds popping up  around us soon. The whether is warming and rainbows will be peeking

through the clouds.

Our Paradigm Team hope you enjoy the Easter holiday with your family and friends. We wish you all a happy Easter.


Prayer is not asking for what you think you want, but asking to be changed in ways you can't imagine.


                                      K. Norris



CheckitoutCustomer Appreciation

We would like to honor Chuck Thibodeau as our customer appreciation winner. We are grateful for the opportunities to provide you with service.



CongratstowinnerNo March Winner :(

The answer to March's trivia question was $3,000! For those who are curious, the answer could be found in March's newsletter. Make sure to be social with us and be a part of our social media contests for a chance to win!





Paradigm & Energy Star


Ever thought about the difference between efficiency and energy conversation? Efficiency involves a task performed with less energy. For example, heating or cooling your home through a duct system that has been properly install, routinely maintained and cleaned.  Energy conservation involves behavioral changes such as setting your thermostat lower in winter & higher in summer.


 Paradigm and EnergyStar would like to team up with you toward energy efficiency and energy conservation.  Start by watching the EnergyStar video HERE then call to see how we can help you. 




angieslistAngie's List Super Service Award!

Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C has been awarded the Super Service Award by Angie's List!


This exclusive recognition is given annually to approximately the top 5 percent of service companies who achieved and maintained a superior service rating on Angie's List through out the past year. 


We would like to thank everyone who reviewed our company allowing us the opportunity to receive this award!





Yes you heard us right. You can now Skype us when you need assistance!





How are we doing?


Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C 

Let us know what you think about the newsletter! Is there anything you would like us to add? We would love to hear from you. You can give us a call or email us!









(T) 603-641-6400

(F) 603-641-6405

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Networking Success Story: Jennifer Ginty - Jennifer Ginty Image Consultant

I officially started my Image Consulting business last year. Before becoming certified, I helped friends and family members find the style that looked best on them. When I got the opportunity to change careers, I ran with the idea of becoming a professional in what I was passionate about.  

It took a bit of time for me to feel comfortable promoting my business. I used my friends and family networks to meet clients.  I created an online presence with my own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Pinterest boards, but I wasn’t getting enough face time to meet new clients and other professionals in the area. So I decided to try out the professional networking scene.  I had been invited to various networking groups, but they all came at a high price with annual and monthly dues.  

The first networking group I met with just happened to have Kevin as a speaker that morning. I had also signed up for an event he was hosting with the Merrimack Valley Sand Box Entrepreneur group the same day.  

I could tell from the start that Kevin was very good at his business. He was friendly and laid back. His speech was so informative - points were made that I never thought of when talking with potential clients and business owners. And after the meeting was over, he made a point to acknowledge me based on my LinkedIn profile. He knew I would be at his event that night.  

Since joining Friends of Kevin, I have met business owners who are interested in collaborating with me to bring our clients together with special events for both women and men. I’ve started feeling more comfortable talking about my services and the impact I hope to make in my clients’ lives. I am able to share my passion with others and get them involved so we can all benefit from each other’s special talents.  

I’m looking forward to going on his radio show to discuss my business. Because of Kevin’s wide range of networking possibilities, I am exploring all types of media to promote my business. 

Thanks, Kevin!

Jennifer Ginty Image Consulting

Feel confident and attractive when you define your style

Let Your Neighbor Find the Perfect Mortgage for You


Promote your business on the Friends of Kevin Radio Show

I would like to invite you to be a guest on the Friends of Kevin Radio Show. The Show is live on Mondays from 11am to 1pm est on WSMN 1590am in Nashua NH. The format of the program is a business interview show.  The segment will last about 15 minutes and I ask each guest to provide me with 10 questions to use for the interview. Here are the major benefits of being a guest.

1. The show airs live in the NH market and streams live worldwide at to give you maximum exposure.

2. Guests can call in to the show from anywhere in the country.

3. You can use the interview to position yourself as an expert in your field.

4. You will receive a professionally produced MP3 file that you can use to promote your business.

5. I share the segment on social media with my over 11,000 followers 

The cost for the studio time to be a guest is only $50. This is a great and affordable way to promote your business. Please call me at 978-995-1743 or email me at to schedule your show.

Resume for Tina Beland

Tina I. Beland

1461 Pawtucket Blvd. E-12  Lowell, MA 01854      Tel. (978) 995-4288                 Email:


Objective:  To find gainful experience in the administrative field and provide effective support to potential employers. 


Computer Applications: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project 2002, Outlook, XMS expense, e Cabinet, Documentum, ISOTrain, Cosmos, EasyReq, Expres T&E, ERAS, Plateau, Metrics Manager, Metrics Collector, BPCS (AS 400), Lotus Notes, Netscape, Explorer, @Rosenbluth, OAG, SAP, Systran, Exchange, Concert, Anzio Lite (Zeus), Word Perfect, Lotus, CP Reports, Platinum, COSTPOINT, Noteworks, Lotus cc:Mail, Word Perfect, QuickBooks, and Banker & Tradesman On line, Medisoft, Lytec, WebX, EPIC. Fourth Shift, Great Plains, Korm, SalMon



Kaspersky Labs

Sales Specialist                                                                                   Woburn, MA                                         11/11 to 11/13

  • Interact with Internal and External customers to maintain orders satisfaction trouble shooting issues with software keys and installations.
  • Prepare information for internal and external audits
  • Perform Inventory transfers and reconciliations for warehouse, stocking & distribution sites, handle any issues related to stock transfers & reconciliations
  • Perform non standard pricing verification & deal registration verification for large orders, authorize orders to process in the KORM and SALMOM systems
  • Perform licensing co-terming (these are non standard expiry & terms for licenses) Authorize & Distribute Software keys
  • Invoice in Great Plains accounting system – manually and automated to Commercial and Retail Distributors
  • Process credits for returned or damaged products, and process price variances
  • Add and verify  Resellers & Partners’ registrations into the KORM and SALMON systems
  • Process  Return Material Authorizations
  • Enter Retail Orders, Commercial orders, Not for Resale Orders & Trials, Conduct EDI processing and the  processing of Drop shipments


Wakefield Solutions                                                           Pelham, NH                                                  4/11 to 10/11

Customer Service Representative

  • Process Requests for Quotes(RFQ), Return Material Authorizations(RMA), Process Corrective Action Reports
  • Interact with customers by phone concerning orders, returns, shipments and products.
  • Receive and enter confirmed orders.
  • Contact customers when necessary to advise shipments delay and/or information necessary to process orders.
  • Track the safety stock on the assigned accounts and adjust levels of parts in accordance with the customers ordering patterns. 
  • Manage and track various reports,
  • Keep management informed of all activity.
  • Writing work instructions and Position training manuals, as well as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  • Monitoring Press scheduling and balancing workflow to the shop floor

DSM Neo Resins (contract)                          Wilmington, MA                                                     12/10 to 1/11

Customer Service International.

  •  Ensure compliance with contractual obligations
  • Customer information maintenance, testing rewriting or work instructions as new enhancements are implemented
  • Process customer product orders, and enter data into SAP R3 computer system
  • Organize shipments with internal and external warehouses, planning and shipping where applicable
  • Filing or related customer information such as Bills of Lading, Invoices and other items
  • Preparation of Export documentation, liaison with Freight Forwarder
  • Customer contact involves resolving problems, gathering and entering forecast information, answering questions, addressing customer concerns in pricing, billing delivery damaged material etc.
  • Maintain, review and assemble profiles and special instructions on all customers in the database; monitor orders to ensure satisfactory delivery






Fresenius Medical Care(Contract)                     Waltham, MA                                           11/10 to 12/10

International Supply Chain Analyst

  • Review and process purchase orders for international customers in SAP
  • Forward commercial documents to customers
  • Re-key orders from the international holding distribution center to the shipping distribution center
  • Manage delivery schedules and drop ship orders for clinics inPuerto Rico
  • Coordinate the set up of new international customers
  • Solve problems by working directly with customers and relevant internal departments
  • Respond to requests for info regarding shipments of products to other countries or sourcing a distributor or affiliate
  • Generate monthly report detailing the value of products that were sent via ocean containers for insurance purposes
  • Act as back-up routing specialist while s/he is out
  • Develop, promote, maintain and distribute key performance indicators to ensure continuous improvement
  • Support additional supply chain initiatives as necessary
  • Other duties as assigned


Lantheus Medical Imaging(formerly Bristol Myers Squibb Medical Imaging)Billerica, MA                 11/99 to 6/09

  • Export Order Administrator: (3/08-6/09)

Ensured smooth project flow and order processes for International Customers, streamlined oversees order process to an Order Form

Transferred distribution model from BMS to Lantheus European distribution model to overseas 3rd party warehouse model this enabled the company to save import and export duties as well as storage charges by 18%

Continued roles and responsibilities listed under the International Operations Analyst and Rx Project Coordinator Positions


  • International Operations Analyst: (3/06 -3/08)

In addition to responsibilities listed under Project Coordinator, Team member of the Medical Imaging Procedural Documents Council, as such was responsible for overseeing compliance with S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) on a division wide level,

Plateau training administrator for the International Radiopharmacy staff at 9 locations worldwide,

Worked with Production Planning Department to ensure stock levels and production runs met International customer and distributor need.


  • Project Coordinator: (11/03-3/06)

Team member of the International Rx Ops team; coordinated Radiopharmacy build-outs in Australia and Puerto Rico interfaced with internal and external clients and vendors,

Acted as an in house resource to our international locations in Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada, coordinated and expedited policies and procedures so as to not impact timely business flow, Lead website project, Lead ISOtrain Project, Lead SOP standardization sub committee, Participated on International Radioisotope Safety Committee, Drove conversion to Cosmos documentation system, established and maintained Metrics database for all pharmacy activities - financial and operational.

Worked with pharmacies to establish and maintain Legal Agreement by Federal Government regulations in compliance and reporting.  Worked with the project teams to ensure project timelines were met, set up common resources and made documents available to all team members. Interfaced with Global Strategic Sourcing to ensure that purchasing guidelines were met by the Radiopharmacies and that maximum leverage for procured items was utilized.

  • Administrative Assistant: (11/99 - 11/03)

Supported the Associate Director of Distribution and other staff members, scheduled meetings on and off site, made travel arrangements for all department staff, entered purchase orders into the accounting system, purchased office supplies and services for corporate headquarters’ staff as well as four distribution centers, approved invoices for payment working with accounts payable and purchasing to resolve discrepancies, prepared presentations, created monthly metrics.




Certificate in Project Management from Boston University

Baccalaureate of Arts from the University of Massachusetts Philosophy (Psychology minor)

TheSalterSchool: Certificate, Medical Assisting Program



Certified:    APICS CPIM Master Planning of Resources, and Basics of Supply Chain Management,