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Why #hashtags by Nathalie Hirte Willowfield Web Solutions

Why #Hashtag?

What is it and what does it do?

If you’ve been on social media, you’ve been exposed to hashtags.  When you read some posts, it’s almost impossible to figure out what people are saying because of all those #.  So why are people using these pound symbols?  What exactly is a hashtag anyway?

A hashtag is a word or phrase that become a tag when the pound symbol (#) precedes it. Social media users can search hashtags, like keywords, and find relevant messages and content.  But how can you use hashtags to help your business?  Here are three best practices that can be used across any social media site:

Use Relevant Hashtags.

If you post a picture of a product, make sure to include a relevant hashtag.  For example, if you are a realtor and post a picture of a new property on the market:  #newlisting, #nameoftown, etc are great hashtags.  Stay away from hashtags that don’t really speak to the message you’re trying to convey.  So what if the house is blue, there’s no need to use the hashtag #blue in your post.

Construct Hashtags Properly.

While it’s ok to create a hashtag phrase with more than one word, #trynottobeobnoxious. Try to construct hashtags that are one or two words only.  Not to mention, #please #do #not #hashtag #every #word #like #this.  Nobody is going to interact with you on social media if you hashtag “filler” words that aren’t descriptive.  You want the hashtags to emphasize your message.

Limit your Hashtags.

Don’t be a “hashtag offender”.  Don’t be one of those who add 10+ hashtags to every post on their social media channel.  Pick one or two hashtags that are relevant to what you are sharing.  Are you posting about a business to business networking event?   Adding hashtags like #networking or #b2b are appropriate, but there’s no need to add #makingnewfriends, #Manchester, #ilovemyjob or anything else.

If you’re still unsure about hashtags, get some practice before using them yourself.  Visit Facebook and click on a hashtag from a post in your New Feed.  Don’t see one? Use the search bar at the top of your Home page, type in #networking, and review what you see in the search results.  There are conversations happening on social media sites every day that you and your business should be a part of.  Hashtags enhance your content and have the power to open conversations with potential customers.  Isn’t #socialmedia great!

Nathalie Hirte

Willowfield Web Solutions

November Gratitude and Goodies from Amy Spencer




November 2013




Autumn is my favorite season and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays!  We are going to continue to map out a practice on our mats that will help us to create spaciousness in our hearts and in our lives.  Cultivate an "attitude of gratitude" and give yourself permission to slow down and savor all of the little moments and joys of this season.  This is a great time to think about how small acts of kindness towards others and even towards ourselves can make a world of difference.  Be kind to yourself!  Carve out some time in your schedule to find stillness and connection.


We have been working on our Chakras and will continue with our Third Chakra tomorrow evening.  We will also be weaving into our practice, the theme of Diwali and the energy of the Solar Eclipse we had on Sunday!  I have handouts and would be happy to help catch you up if you have missed any classes, so please do not hesitate to sign-up and attend the next four weeks!  Please bring your payment and completed paperwork with you to class.


Thank you to everyone for your "flexibility" and for your enthusiasm!  This newsletter is FULL of great links.  Please take a moment to explore and enjoy and please take a moment to share this email so that we can continue to grow and practice in our beautiful space.

Gift Certificates


 Once again, Gift Certificates, in any denomination will be available for the holidays!  You can purchase them from me or from A Simply Wholesome Life in Windham, NH.

They make great stocking stuffers or beautifully wrapped presents!  A single class, an eight-week session, or private sessions are delicious things to give and receive.


Pangea Organics


I began representing Pangea Organics in February of this year.  Those of you that know me, know that I would never attach my name or reputation to something that did not meet or exceed my extremely high standards.  I encourage you to try their products.  Not only are they great for your skin, they are great for the planet!  We have some amazing specials this month ad you could take care of a huge portion of your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home!  There are great items for teachers, stocking stuffers and hostess gifts!  Gift Certificates can also be purchased.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Email me at or call me at 603-425-8195.

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Share your Yoga!



Two great ways of sharing your love of Yoga and being rewarded for it!  Please help us grow our Yoga Community!


 *Refer two new students that each sign up for a  session and receive 10% off your next session!


 *Want to sign-up for Yoga and take advantage of the package rate but committing to a full session is difficult because life is busy?  Share your session with a friend!  Find another student to split the session with!  


"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."





Things I am Excited About!


  Music = Sue Pentland from New England Yoga visited us last fall to play her beautiful, healing Crystal Singing Bowls during one of our classes.  She has just released a CD!  You can expect to be hearing it a lot in class! Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath


Healthy Snacks = Dales Raw Foods = My Affilate Link


The Gratitude Experiment =  The Power of Expansive Vision


Mystic Mamma =

The theme for November 2013 is Discipline~


November 13th, 2013 =


 World Kindness Day



Quote of the Week

  "Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend... when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present - love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure - the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience Heaven on earth." -Sarah Ban Breathnach


I am so grateful for all of you and I thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey of Yoga!





Amy M. Spencer ERYT



The Searles School and Chapel!

Important Reminders



Inclement Weather and Cancellations

Should severe weather force us to cancel a class, we will announce it on our facebook page and twitter



Please call

(603) 425-8195.

if you are wondering about attending class. You'll be notified about a make up class time.




Noelle Shepherd Resume

Noelle Shepherd

49 Crawford St Lowell MA





A position as an active employee, involving responsibility and working with others as well as alone to achieve advancement and growth for myself and for the company.




Office Manager for one year


Office Assistant for 5 years


Receptionist for 3 years





2013-Present: Hillard Plumbing & Heating Lowell MA

Office Manager: Duties included but not limited to answering phones, scheduling appointments, dispatching, data entry, typing up invoices and proposals, ordering office supplies, etc.


2012-Dec2012: World Wide Tech Services Tewksbury MA

Call Center Receptionist: Answering multi line phone system, setting up appointments, dispatching, filing, faxing and typing up invoice, etc.


2005-2009: Quick Silver Sign Co. Revere MA

Office Assistant: Duties including answering the phones, scheduling appointments, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies, data entry, invoicing, etc.


KNOWLEDGE: Quick books, Microsoft Word, Excel, Peachtree



Graduated from Concord Carisle High School in 2001


References: Upon Request




Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & A/C November Newsletter


Paradigm Plumbing, Heating and A/C




Water Leak Detection System

Save Thousands in Water Damage by Installing your Water Leak Detection Equipment for only $499.00 Today! Give Paradigm a call today to get your install! 







Happy Holidays!




"A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can't get anywhere you want to go until you change it." -  Michael Josephson


The Team at Paradigm would like to wish everyone during this holiday season a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving. 


With Christmas coming up around the corner, we would like to remind everyone that we also have stocking stuffers available to keep your family warm this season.

  • Moxie Showerhead + wirerless speaker
  • Gift certificates toward those miscellaneous Plumbing, HVAC or Gas repairs



Let Paradigm Plumbing keep you warm this holiday season!



Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Steve Labbe from Paradigm Rings The Bell for the Salvation Army in Hooksett, NH

Steve Labbe from Paradigm Rings The Bell for the Salvation Army in Hooksett, NH


Sign ups for the Salvation Army Bell Ringing in Hooksett are now available! Give back this holiday season and give a helping hand to those who need it.

For more information, please email

Steve invites YOU to join his team to ring the bell. Reaching out to others is what it is all about. Let us do it together and increase our efforts.  




The Paradigm Team includes you! Please be prepared to provide important information so that we can be equipped to diagnose your 



Force Hot Air (FHA) or 

Force Hot Water (FHW )

- Make, model, serial number on equipment.
- Fuel source: oil, natural gas, propane
- Year installed
- Is there any current warranty
- Did Paradigm install the equipment
- Last date of clean & service
- Unusual odors, sounds or no sounds
- Any leaks around the unit
- Any break in power to the home 




Congrats to October's Winner!


A big congratulations to the gift card recipient of our trivia contest, Louri Boilard. You can be our next WINNER! Watch for our trivia question on Facebook or Twitter then find your winning answer in our monthly newsletter. 


* Winners cannot be repeated within a one year period.



Congratulations to October Customer Appreciation Drawing Winner!


Gary Rule!


Thank you so much for being such a wonderful and dedicated customer! 



Get Your Available Tax Credit !


This offers tax credits on water heaters and more. Click Here for more info! Hurry, these are limited time offers!




How Are We Doing?

Let us know what you think about the newsletter! Is there anything you would like us to add? We would love to hear from you. You can give us a call or email us!




Upgrade Boilers


Boilers are an old and trusted type of home heating system whose purpose is to generate steam or provide hot water.

Viessmann Wall Hung Boiler

Most boilers life span is between 15-20 years for oil and gas. Preventative maintenance is the number one key to getting the most life out of your boiler.


Upgrade or Maintain my current Boiler System? 


The replacement choice of a heating system whether it is a boiler or a furnace can be intimidating with concerns over cost and sizing the appropriate system for your home.

Costly and frequent repairs are signs to replace a system but even a system that has not required much attention should be reviewed as it ages. In the 1990's most systems efficiency ratings were 80% or less. Cutting fuel costs, creating more space, adding value to my home, increasing my comfort, age of my domestic hot water system, healthier air, energy efficiency, and possibly tax rebate/credit incentives all help  to offset the cost for a superior system.

Kedel Pellet Boiler

Advancements in efficiency, size, construction, maintenance requirements, and fuel consumption now provide you with expanded and improved selections. Contact us for information on NH rebates for up to 30% on installs of Pellet Boilers. 


Let us help you weigh the cost of your systems repairs, its effectiveness, and life span against upgrading to a new system. Call our team today and let us not only warm your home but your heart too.


Find out more here!



Boiler Fuel Sources



Natural gas is the most common fuel. Almost all new buildings and homes in New England are choosing natural gas (where available) or propane. The electric boilers may offer clean, efficient and safe heating eliminating problems with pilot lights, gas venting and carbon monoxide but electricity often costs more. Pellet Boilers are becoming increasing popular as an alternative to oil sourced boilers offering self cleaning systems, local use of resources, reduced emissions, full automation and affordability.



Perhaps you want to consider changing the current fuel source you use now. We can help you complete the job from start to finish. Call us to get started.   



Home Advisor Award


We have been selected as a winner of the 2013 Best of HomeAdvisor award! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Find out more here!



Suicide Prevention


November 23rd is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Intenational Survivors of Suicide Day. Find out the warning signs of suicide and how to help a loved one or get help for yourself.







(T) 603-641-6400

(F) 603-641-6405




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The Benefits of Membership in the Friends of Kevin Networking Group

Some people have mentioned that they didn’t know that they could become a member of the Friends of Kevin Networking Group. So I thought it may be a good idea to bring it up in this month’s newsletter.  Yes, we do offer memberships in the group. Here are the major benefits of membership:

1. Promotion to my over 11,000 social media connections through the use of my blog.

2. Personal introductions to potential clients and partners to help you grow your business.

3. A 15 minute interview on the Friends of Kevin Radio show.

4. Members receive their own page on the Friends of Kevin website which helps with SEO

5. Membership is limited to 300 clients to better help you market your business.

6. Low membership fee of only $200.00 per year.


No other networking group offers this combination of services to help you grow your business. If you would like to learn more please call me at 978-995-1743 or email me at

Open Houses Sunday November 3rd hosted by Missy Adams from Keller Williams Realty

Please stop by and say hello to my friend Missy Adams.


Pay it forward - Veterans $1,500 paint give away from Ramsden Painting




Ramsden Painting logo






Paint it Forward

$ 1,500 paint give away


Ramsden Painting is proud to announce the "kick off" of our Paint it Forward program.  We are offering to paint two rooms for a Veteran or active military person who could use our help.  We would provide all the labor and materials to brighten their lives and to give back to the men and woman who have given so much to us.  We need your help by nominating a deserving recipient.  They can nominate themselves, you can nominate someone you may know or tell a friend, pass the word, spread the news.


"Painting it Forward" will include a Ramsden Painting crew to come to the winner's home, move furniture, prep the rooms and professionally paint the room at NO CHARGE to anyone. 


Please see below on how to nominate someone.






How to nominate:



Forward any necessary information: name, address, type of room and what work they may need plus some information on why we should choose this candidate.  The information will not be shared and the recipient will be chosen by myself and my crew leaders.  A decision will be made on Nov. 15, 2013 and arrangements will be made shortly after.


Please send an email to or mail it to: Ramsden Painting 9 Summer Street Methuen, MA 01844





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March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction





March of Dimes, New Hampshire  Presents.......





We are nearing the date of our 16th Annual Signature Chefs Auction. Don’t miss out on this amazing night of food, wine and auction all to support healthy babies everywhere!

Individual tickets and tables of 10 can be purchased online at:

Featured Vendors Include:

The Copper Door * Cactus Jack’s and T-Bones * The Yard
Candia Vineyards * Woodstock Inn Station & Brewery
The Quill * Zorvino Vineyards * Granite Restaurant and Bar
Firefly American Bistro * Piccola Italia Ristorante *
Frederick’s Pastries * Ignite/Hooked/Nawlin’s Grille * Unwine’d

We sincerely hope that you will join us.

Date: Monday, November 18, 2013 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: The Executive Court Banquet Facility
Address: 1199 South Mammoth Road, Manchester, NH 03109
Tickets: $50 per person

My very best,



Shamera Simpson

Community Director

March of Dimes NH Chapter

25 Lowell Street, Suite 304

Manchester, NH 03101

(603) 573-9553



Our Fun Food Friday Featured Chef

 Pastry Chef Frederick Lozier

Frederick’s Pastries




Founded in 1980 by executive Pastry Chef Frederick Lozier and his wife Gloria Lozier, Frederick’s Pastries has been New England’s premier cake specialty shop for more than 33 years.  Known for crafting the finest custom wedding cakes, all-occasion cakes and pastries available, Frederick’s is among the region’s most recognized and respected bakeries.  With a commitment to superior quality and customer service, Frederick’s has received many awards, including the prestigious Best of New Hampshire distinction 12 years running.


Today, Frederick’s Pastries is owned and operated by Fred & Gloria Lozier’s daughter, Susan Lozier Robert, who shares the same talent and passion for baking as her parents.  Susan has brought fresh, innovative ideas to Frederick’s for the past 24 years, carefully combining them with time-honored traditions that Frederick’s Pastries is known for.  Susan has expanded the business, opening a second Frederick’s Pastries location in Bedford, NH in 2007. In 2010 Susan moved across the state line opening the third Frederick’s Pastries in N. Andover, MA and earning the Best of North Shore award in 2011.


Just recently New Hampshire Business Review honored 14 individuals at the 2010 Business Excellence Awards, which recognize the efforts and achievements owners of businesses with 100 employees or fewer.  Susan Lozier Robert (proprietor) of Frederick’s Pastries was awarded Excellence in Retail. In 2011 Susan was awarded Business Leader of the Year by the Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce. Susan continues to come up with original solutions that have allowed her business to survive and thrive, regardless of economic conditions, and has a tremendous commitment to serving her communities.


This week's

Fun Food Friday Featured Auction Items



4 Night Stay at La Bandita Townhouse in Pienza, Tuscany. Includes free breakfast daily


Valued at $1,700




Wine tour and tasting for up to 20 people at Zorvino Vineyards


Donated at $250




Dr. Seuss Book Bundle


Valued at $88






Cupcakes for Breakfast


6 slices Turkey Bacon


3 Tbsp Chives


4 Cups Prepared Pancake Batter

8 Ounces Mascarpone Cheese


1 Cup Powdered Sugar


2 Tbsp Maple Syrup


Heat oven to 350°F. Mist muffin pan with cooking spray; set aside. Cook turkey bacon as specified on the package. Crumble and set aside.




Mix chives into pancake batter and pour into muffin cups filling about ¾ full. Bake 12 minutes. Meanwhile, in medium bowl, combine mascarpone cheese, powdered sugar and maple syrup. Stir well to combine and set aside.


Remove cupcakes from oven and cool on rack, about 10 minutes. Frost cupcakes with icing and top with crumbled bacon.

As seen on




2013 Signature Chefs Auction Sponsors


Presenting Sponsor


Children's Hospital at Dartmouth  (CHaD)


Platinum Sponsor

Granite State College


Silver Sponsors


American Resource Staffing

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Dunkin' Donuts – Motta Family Network

Lincoln Financial Group 

The Elliot / New Hampshire's Hospital for Children

Northway Bank

Phenix Title Services, LLC


Print Sponsor


Pep Direct

Grey Cat Designs