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Resume for Susan Tetrault Walker

Susan TetraultWalker

(617) 818-1920   |



Senior Manager Inside Sales /Business & Sales Development who brings demonstrated skills in creating and implementing structured and customized sales processes and a consistent track record of building highly

successful sales and business development teams that exceed sales and business efficiency goals in a variety

of B2B and B2C markets.  Proven ability to create strategy, initiate, deploy and sustain business initiatives in high growth and turnaround scenarios. Interact with and obtain C-level management support.  Implement major programs that drive sales success and integrate with marketing, field sales, and operations groups.  Experienced project leader in development of IT/OPS strategic initiatives and key management tools (metrics, data analytics, CRM deployment and management, SFA and business process improvement, KPIs, call monitoring/quality assurance, sales training, sales enablement, sales productivity).


Industry experience includes: technology software and services, medical devices, telecommunications, consumer services, travel/tourism, and hospitality. 



Inside sales management - business development - sales development - sales operations - sales training - telesales - sales enablement and productivity - customer acquisition - lead generation - channel management - customer service/customer retention - contact center management and operations - quality assurance - project management - CRM deployment and customization - SFA - business process improvement - sales compensation - account management - operational processes and standards - SMB and Enterprise Sales - coaching and mentoring - team development


Certified LEAN/Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt


TECHNOLOGIES--MS Office, Call Monitoring (VPI, Avaya), CRM:, Saleslogix, Oracle, Seibel, ACT, SAP, WFM (work force management) and marketing automation applications: Hubspot



ZOLL Medical, Chelmsford, MA                                                                                                      2011- 2014

Manager, Sales Development (North America-All Business Channels)

Recruited to hire, train and manage sales development and sales operations through 9 sales development specialists and administrators.

  • Increased business opportunities by 20% per year since 2011in channels for approx. 200 field sales reps. Coordinated with Channel Marketing Managers to design and implement lead generation programs that drove over 700 individual marketing campaigns per year creating 15,000-20,000 leads. Added $75M+ in business revenue.
  • Assisted CRM Manager in implementation of automated lead uploading to, eliminating manual data entry. This automation also eliminated the need to hire 4 or more FTEs.
  • Created and improved QBR reporting functions for all channels and revised all CRM tools for Sales Development team. 
  • Created and supervised grant services program for all Direct Sales Channels-web page, grant reference tool, promotional literature and grant writing resources, enabling field sales teams to improve customer receptivity to alternative purchase options.
  • Evaluated, selected and implemented call monitoring system to capture inbound and outbound reps’ call activity for improved training and coaching. 
  • Designed and implemented revised compensation plan for sales development team, focused on individual results and KPI achievement.
  • Created SOP for all Sales Development CRM process and best practices.


HEWLETT PACKard Company,Conway,AR                                                                           2009-2010

Inside Sales Manager - Emerging Growth Accounts, West Region: Healthcare and Banking

Hired to build and manage team of 8 entry level Inside Sales Representatives responsible for growth of more than 10,000 accounts in vertical markets.  Provided sales training, coaching, support and analytical tools (QA, pricing guidance and support, CRM, and product training). As of my departure, team was on target to achieve $35M goal.

  • Coordinated inside/outside HP sales teams with contracted ISV and VAR partners to provide software product/service solutions for IT Management teams within enterprise accounts.


Yankee Candle Company, SouthDeerfield,MA                                                                   2008-2009

Wholesale Sales Manager, Independent Gift Channel

Managed team of 8 Insides Sales/Customer Service Consultants responsible for managing existing wholesale channel accounts.

  • Achieved 105% of FY2008 sales goal of over $30M
  • As Certified Trainer for Profiles International--Worldwide Customer-Focused Selling Sales Training Program, led training session for all sales groups, sales support, marketing, management, and related staff members in wholesale division to improve sales and service outcomes under corporate wide initiative.
  • Selected as Outsource-Service Manager for third-party firm that provided sales/customer service contact with more than 5000 small accounts, collectively providing $20M in sales. Managed outsource team leader and oversaw all operational aspects of business.  Implemented programs and promotions specific to this account base.  Acted as YCC contact for training, quality assurance, sales operations, and financial requirements, ensuring outsourced company complied with YCC standards and business objectives.
  • Contributed in needs analysis, SOW, application evaluations of vendors, selection and implementation of for Wholesale Sales Division. 


Caras Training,Lynnfield,MA                                                                                                2005-2008

Business Process Consultant, US and Canada

Focused on Customer Care, Sales, and Retention Departments (clients: Vonage, Regis Intl, Peabody Hotel Group).  Performed in-depth assessments and recommended changes in systems, processes, and people in order to achieve deadline-driven goals. 

  • Implemented recommendations in role of Interim Director,Mentorto Young Managers, Supervisors, One-to-One Coach with Front Line Staff, Executive Committee Member, Manager of Outsourced Call Center Programs, Quality Program Developer, and Quality Monitor.
  • Results included

-        reduction of churn rates to targeted levels with daily achievement of retention goals every day for six-month engagement in two locations

-        turnaround of Customer Service Department to handle calls from nearly 10,000 newly acquired stores while reducing staff and costs

-        increase in hotel occupancy by 3% with improved profit in each business segment

-        increase in corporate/group sales by 20%


Oracle Corporation,Burlington, MA                                                                                             2004

Sales Manager-Oracle Direct

Led overlay inside sales team of 10 representatives to acquire new business opportunities from existing accounts/territory. Restructured and retrained team to quota producing inside sales representatives.

  • Initiated quota goals and pipeline development to achieve $1M revenue goal in final 12 weeks of FY.




American Skiing Company-Killington Resort,Killington,VT                                     2002-2003

Director of Sales

  • Led 100-person seasonal and FTE sales and service team (conference services, group sales, and transient sales) to exceed sales goals of $65M.
  • Implemented Management/Team Lead training initiative and onboarding program to cross train FTE and seasonal staff on sales, customer service and product knowledge.
  • Developed comprehensive plans for marketing resort to conferences and groups, resulting in 27% increased revenue over previous year.
  • Introduced new standards for customer contact that resulted in two Awards of Recognition for Outstanding Customer Service.


Corporate Software & Technology,Norwood,MA                                                      1999-2002

Director of Inside Sales-SMB Division

Recruited by CEO to lead new business initiative. Built 50+ staff Inside Sales Team selling internet sourced business critical software applications and tools, with ISV partners, to small/medium sized businesses.

  • Generated immediate revenues of $6M in first year by building customer base that exceeded 500 new businesses with recurring needs and above industry average profits.
  • Created customized training and onboarding program for entry level sales representatives to acquire sales skills, product knowledge, customer service acumen.


Interleaf,Waltham,MA                                                                                                             1997-1999

Director Sales Operations (1999)

Manager/Director of Inside Sales (1997-1999)

  • Built Sales Support Infrastructure for enterprise document management software company with restart as web-based application.
  • Led selection/implementation/management of CRM, Forecasting, and Back Office System with rollout in less than six months.
  • Led team of 12 Inside Sales Account Executives to achieve sales goals each year.
  • Created lead generation team of 6 members to develop lead process for new web based product for North American Field Sales Team.


Saga Holidays International,Boston,MA                                                                      1994-1996

Senior Manager of Sales and Customer Commitment

  • Led team of 5 Managers and 75 Inside Sales Agents to increase Tour-Based Travel revenue from $65M to $85M
  • Implemented new hire training program, sales training curriculum and cross training for established reps, utilizing internal resources and external training providers.
  • Led sales team in corporate marketing initiative to retool desktop applications with state of the art CTI integration to meet deadline for strategicUSmarketing initiative with rollout in less than 12 weeks.


Data General Corporation,Westborough,MA                                                                  1989-1993

Manager, Lead Generation (1989-1993)

Promoted to create, hire and manage 10 person team of Lead Generation Reps for new open systems platform within NA Sales Division.  Developed business process systems, database tools for lead generation programs.

Inside Sales Manager, Support Services (1989)

Implemented staff reduction and reorganization of 6 person Inside Sales Team focused on Customer Support Sales.  Including User Training, Warranty Renewals, and Technical Services.



Bachelor of Science,UniversityofVermont,Burlington,VT


                                                                        T R A I N I N G


Miller Heiman July 2013 (refresher, Strategic and Conceptual Selling)


Project Management Training Certification, Quality Productivity Solutions,Marlborough,MA(2010)


Sandler Sales Training, Consultative Selling, Solution Selling





Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (2010)

Six Sigma Black Belt (2010)

Profiles International-Customer Focused Selling (2009)




American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP)BostonChapter

Call Center Networking Group (CCNG)

New EnglandContactCenterForum (NECCF)

NorthShoreTechnology Council (NSTC)-member of the Networking Meeting Planning Committee

New EnglandHealthcare Executives Network (NEHEN)

Senior Executive Networking Group (SENG-NE)

WITI (Women in Technology International-Boston Chapter):volunteer on leadership committee for 2014/2015

Save the Date! Art without Art? - A public talk


April 23rd from 7-8pm

Chelmsford Public Library

25 Boston Rd, Chelmsford MA

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Wei Qi Acupuncture April Newsletter

Qi Mail™
The Acupuncture Newsletter

April 2015

Vicki Jessop Lic. Ac., MAc, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
Wei Qi Acupuncture
57 Palm Street, Suite 7
Nashua, NH 03060

Put Insomnia to Rest!

Our society puts a premium on our waking hours, and we thus have the tendency to underestimate the importance of a full-night's sleep. Millions of people who suffer from insomnia look for quick fixes instead of exploring the root causes of the problem. Sleep hygiene is an afterthought for many people. Evening is a time to allow our minds and bodies to turn inward to our subconscious. Sleep deprivation is the root of many health issues like memory impairment, a weakened immune system and stress that can lead to cardiac disease, heart disease and digestive disorders.

Exposure to the diminishing light at dusk helps regulate sleep hormones in the body. Excessive lighting at night, evening shift work, evening computing, video games, television and late-night eating all serve to counteract the body's natural rhythms. It's no wonder people have trouble sleeping. Rather than embrace nighttime as rest time, we tend to let our minds wander from one element of stress to another, which can keep us up for hours or perhaps an entire evening. We are then forced to approach the new day without having benefited from the regenerative powers that nighttime brings.

In Oriental medicine, sleep occurs when the yang energy of the day folds into the yin energy of nighttime. Yin energy of the body is cooling and restorative; it is the time of day when our bodies turn inward and regenerate. This is the time we dream and explore the caverns of our unconscious mind. Conversely, daytime is yang, which is expansive. We expend the energy we have built up from the process of sleeping. Together, this is the cycle of yin and yang.

To apply this yin-yang concept to your everyday life, try eating your last meal at least three hours before going to bed. For example, you can "cool" your yang energy down by avoiding hot and spicy food and drink. Avoid alcohol, coffee, chocolate and any other stimulants, especially late in the day.

To improve your sleep cycles, help circulate your body's energy by working out or with gentle exercise. Build your body's nutritive aspect by eating marrow-based soups and stews, dark pigmented vegetables and fruits. Avoid overworking or over rumination as well.

An invaluable tool to help your brain unwind is meditation. It helps the body create a sense of calm. Meditation can reduce stress, increase feelings of well-being and improve overall health. It can help one increase alertness, relaxation and reflection even in "waking" states. Meditation is best practiced during the day to help improve your sleep patterns at night.

If you or someone you know suffers from insomnia, call today to see what acupuncture and Oriental medicine can do for you!


Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Find Relief With Oriental Medicine

Chronic fatigue syndrome is far more than just being tired, it is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that may worsen with physical or mental activity and does not improve with rest. Those affected with chronic fatigue syndrome can get so run down that it interferes with the ability to function in day-to-day activities, with some becoming severely disabled and even bedridden. In addition to extreme fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome encompasses a wide range of other symptoms including, but not limited to, headaches, flu-like symptoms and chronic pain.

If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, Oriental medicine can help relieve many of your symptoms. Exceptional for relieving aches and pains, acupuncture and Oriental medicine treatments can help you avoid getting sick as often and assist with a quicker recovery, as well as improve your vitality and stamina.

Research on Chronic Fatigue and Acupuncture

A study in China evaluated cupping as a treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome. All of the study patients complained of fatigue and some had additional problems with headaches, insomnia, muscle-joint pains, backaches and pains, poor memory, gastrointestinal disturbances and bitter taste in their mouth, among other things. Patients ranging in age from 28-54 received sliding cupping treatments twice a week for a total of 12 treatments. The results showed there was vast improvement in fatigue levels, insomnia, poor memory, spontaneous sweating, sore throat, profuse dreams, poor intake, abdominal distention, diarrhea, and alternating constipation and diarrhea.

In another study conducted at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of TCM in Guangzhou, China, subjects with chronic fatigue syndrome were evenly divided by random selection into an acupuncture group and a control group. The observation group was treated with acupuncture and the control group was treated with an injection. Participants completed a fatigue scale and results showed that people who received acupuncture reported significantly more relief from their symptoms. A similar study conducted in Hong Kong gave half of the group conventional needle acupuncture and half (the control group) sham acupuncture. Again, using a fatigue scale, improvements in physical and mental fatigue were significantly bigger in the acupuncture group and no adverse events occurred.

Most significantly, 28 papers were statistically reviewed through a meta analysis in order to assess the success of acupuncture as a therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome. The results showed that treatment groups receiving acupuncture for chronic fatigue syndrome had superior results when compared with control groups. Rightly, they concluded that acupuncture therapy is effective for chronic fatigue syndrome and that it does merit additional research.

If you are struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome, call today to see how acupuncture and Oriental medicine can be incorporated into your treatment plan!



In This Issue


Put Insomnia to Rest!


Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Find Relief With Oriental Medicine


Tips for a Restful Night

Tips for a Restful Night

Sound sleep is the foundation of good health. We need 6-8 hours of sleep every night to recharge our batteries.

Practicing good sleep hygiene and keeping your body in sync with the rhythm of day and night can help your body cope with sleep deprivation and give it an opportunity to get stronger and heal.

By implementing just a few of these suggestions, you should notice a great improvement in your sleep and how you function during daylight hours.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary. Keep it dark, cool and quiet. Angle the clock face away from the bed. If you get up to use the bathroom during the night, don't turn on the light; use a nightlight to safely guide you. The optimal temperature for sleep is 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

When Hungry
Avoid heavy meals and sugary or high grain snacks before bed. They will raise your blood sugar and make it difficult to fall asleep. Reduce nicotine, caffeine and alcohol use.

If you are hungry, eat a high protein snack a couple of hours before going to bed. Try yogurt, a banana or half of a turkey sandwich.

Reduce Late Night Activity
Stop working at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. Let your mind relax. Limit television and computer use in the evening.

If you want to read in bed, avoid backlit devices as the light stimulates the brain. Read a book or use a device that requires you to use a separate soft light source.

Bedtime Routine
Establish a relaxing routine as you prepare for bed. Try to go to bed and get up at the same time everyday, even on weekends.

Relax by taking a hot shower, practicing mediation, or try progressive muscle relaxation, starting at your toes and working up to the top of the head.

It is important to leave the day's worries behind. Do not overthink your day while you lie in bed. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and drift into a state of restful sleep.

Happy Easter from MVP

Merrimack Valley Pavilion

2087 Main Street

Tewksbury, MA



Why did the Easter Egg hide?  Cuz it was a little chicken.


Happy Easter from MVP!  


On Friday 4/3/15,  from

11am - 5pm , buy 1 of laser tag game for $9, get the second game for free.


Due to popular demand, our Fabulous Friday special has been extended through the end of April, from 6-10 pm.


$20 per person includes:  Unlimited laser tag, 2 slices of pizza, unlimited fountain drinks.  Beer and wine can be purchased separately.


Be sure to visit us during April Vacation!




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Come try your favorite dishes done differently.

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Coming soon! Rugged Ropes at MVP



Merrimack Valley Pavilion

2087 Main Street

Tewksbury, MA








"The Vines", MVP's outdoor rugged ropes course.  Suggested ages 4-12 years.  


Stay tuned for the latest information.


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Resume for Marilyn Speight

Marilyn J. Speight

16 Wilshire Lane
Pelham, NH 03076
(603) 635-1074


Objective      To obtain a position in which I can utilize my analytical, administrative, technical support,
               and interpersonal skills.

Experience                 Center for Educational Leadership and Technology                   October 1991 – Dec 2014
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Assist the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the day-to-day operations of the corporation.
  • Relieve CEO of administrative functions in order to increase the time CEO has available for executive level responsibilities.
  • Handle a wide variety of complex and confidential situations and resolve conflicts involving the clerical and administrative functions of the office.
  • Process confidential and time sensitive material.
  • Assist Human Resources division with employment offers for staff and consultants, stocks, benefits, etc.
  • Review corporate financials with accounting office to include invoices, income projections, payables, etc.
  • Manage and/or review CELT Corporation invoicing, receivables, and payables
  • Coordinate CEO’s billable time activities and assemble documentation.
  • Prepare, edit, and revise CEO’s briefings and coordinate presentations.
  • Maintain CEO’s calendar as well as travel and meeting schedules.
  • Provide general administrative support for CEO (e-mails, faxes, correspondence, etc.).
  • Assist CEO in planning, preparing, conducting, and follow-up from board meetings, quarterly and annual meetings.
  • Draft CEO-developed marketing materials for summit and keynote presentations.
  • Track and maintain employee attendance records (vacation, sick, holidays).
  • Generate, revise, and edit CEO-developed sales proposals and contracts.
  • Other related duties as assigned by the CEO.

Merrimack Education Center                                                                August 1981 – October 1991 Assistant to the executive director.

                                    Dracut Public Schools                                                                         September 1980 – August 1981
Worked in the office of the superintendent of schools.

Special Skills

  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Shorthand
  • Maintain good working relationship with clients, staff, and consultants.
  • Always willing to be a “team player” and assist others when needed 


Resume for Brandon Berube

Brandon Berube

355 Shagbark Road Taunton, MA 02780

Cell: (774) 218-8281


SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY                                                                                                                                      Manchester, NH

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics                                                                                                                                                    Expected May 2015

Minor in Finance and Communication

President’s List


RESEARCH PROJECT: Used Minitab to hypothesize a model for estimating a person’s lifespan by region of origin as a Regression Analysis course project and presented findings to SNHU Community during Research Day


RELATED COURSES: Advanced Public Speaking, Regression Analysis, Applied Statistics, Organizational Communication



SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE UNIVERSITY - Manchester, NH                                                                                      May 2014 – August 2014

Research and Data Analyst Intern

  • Gathered, managed, and effectively analyzed large data sets using Microsoft Excel inthe communication of important findings through visually appealing and organized summary write-ups
  • Reconstructed the SNHU Merit Scholarship criteria as part of an Institutional Research Initiative
  • Developed solutions based on findings which significantly improved productivity throughout multiple offices
  • Communicated advanced scientific models and findings in an understandable manner to the many elite university employees including, but not limited to, the Provost, Directors, and team members


Penman Tour Guide                                                                                                                                               September 2012-December 2014

  • Developed rapport and personalized tours based on prospective student interests and parents during campus visit tours
  • Communicated key attributes of University including academics, student engagement opportunities, and services offered
  • Supported the achievement of all admissions goals by answering questions and influencing student decisions in a professional, fast-paced, and continuously improving work environment
  • Awarded Tour Guide of the Month twice for my willingness to take on and complete multiple tasks at a single time, portraying friendliness around the office and my ability to ask for advice and use constructive criticism to improve


5-WITS - Foxboro, MA

Tour Guide                                                                                                                                                                                 June 2013-August 2013

  • Provided interactive walking adventure tours as a cast member in a real-life quest and adventure experience
  • Developed rapport and created distance to ensure customers engaged in the full quest experience and were able to solve the challenges and puzzles presented
  • Answered questions and resolved conflicts to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction


GUESS, INC - Wrentham, MA

Sales Associate                                                                                                                                                                           March 2011-May 2013

  • Promptly greeted customers, identified needs and offered product selections to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Merchandised product and store signage and created an appealing and organized shopping experience for guests
  • Achieved sales goals by using suggestive selling techniques that included offering additional items, using promotions and offering styling tips to increase average ticket sales
  • Managed multiple priorities in a fast paced environment to achieve store merchandising and sales goals
  • Answered questions and resolved issues to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business


SOMERSET CREAMERY- Somerset, MA            

Waiter                                                                                                                                                                                         April 2009-August 2011

  • Managed the requests of multiple customers at any given time
  • Satisfied the needs of customers with the utmost customer satisfaction to provide each with the best experience possible

How We Heal Conference