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Mission Statement: 



MISSION: Bring people together to improve their health & wellness through the highest quality of all natural, 100% organic Fijian health & spa products.

Company Name: Wakaya Perfection

About: Pure organic wellness products created by the Founder of FIJI Water, David H. Gilmour, and thoughtfully cultivated on the private island of Wakaya in the archipelago of Fiji

Wakaya Perfection's naturally harvested botanicals, indigenous to the island of Wakaya, are cultivated solely for their purity and multi-faceted rejuvenating properties that enhance the quality of our lives.

With wellness in mind, Wakaya Perfection products are life-enhancers from kitchen and bar to home and spa. They play an integral part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and possess effective and necessary wellness benefits.

Hand-cultivated in a rare, high-nutrient volcanic soil, Wakaya Perfection products are the purest form in the world.

Our pure, virgin volcanic soil and thoughtful, hand-cultivation are what sets Wakaya Perfection products apart. 

We hand-harvest our crops in paddocks to eliminate a mechanical footprint that could compromise the integrity of the crops – no machinery touches our Ginger crops or Dilo tree groves, only caring hands cultivate the earth.

We purposefully have no formal irrigation system, only the natural Fijian rainfall nourishes our Ginger crops and Dilo tree groves.

Services: We offer organic products to include, but not limited to Pink Fijian Ginger and Fijian Turmeric, a Bula Bottle with a filtration system, other products such as healthy snacks, tea and a spa line.


Phone : 603-540-8146



Location: Nashua, NH 03062 

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